4 Unconventional Uses For A Home Projector

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Projector Story

With technology getting smaller, more portable and more affordable, more and more gadgets that we used to only see in offices make their way into our homes. Projectors are a good example of that. Only a few years back we would mostly spot one in a conference room or a university classroom, but these days we can have one at home, car or even carry a mini version in our pockets.

Projectors have lots of practical uses in both home and office environments: from watching a movie to giving a presentation – they give a larger scale to pictures and ideas and a more entertaining way to present them. But if we reach a bit deeper into our creative pool, we may just find that projector can have a number of less traditional uses, which are by no means less fun.

Holiday Decor

Yes, we are past the major winter holidays, but each season will bring forward a new selection. A big part of creating a memorable holiday ambiance is having the right decorations.We are all well familiar with candles, lights, confetti and rose petals, but if you want to do something truly special, you may have to think outside the box.

Want to surprise your girlfriend for Saint Valentine’s Day? Select your best moments together in pictures and bring them to a large screen with a projector.

Getting ready for a football party with your buds? Why not stream the match not only on your flat screen but also on your kitchen wall? So that whoever has to get up for a drink will not be missing any live action?

Secret birthday party coming up? Project the pictures and videos of the birthday boy right onto the windows of his house and watch his shock and amazement as he approaches the door.

You get the picture, a projector can be a great way make your house more holiday-friendly.

Upgrade Your Board Game Nights

With all the modern entertainment around, there is still something special about fun evenings together with family and friends playing good old Manopoly. If you have too many guests, however, sharing space around a small board may be an inconvenience. So why not upscale the game to a bigger screen? You can snap a picture of the board and project it in any size you want on the floor or wall. A new way to look at an old and familiar game can also spark more excitement among those, who would rather be playing video games.

Poker night? Even better. Go a step further by adding a small camera to the mix and projecting a live feed of the game onto the wall or other surface .Feel like a real pro, while letting the non-participating party guests also get into the game and observe it from anywhere in the room!

Brainstorming Sessions

Say, you are working on a creative business project, or your child is having a hard time with a homework assignment – sometimes there is nothing better that a quick family brainstorming session – bring the problem up on the big screen and solve it together.

If the task in question is of a more professional nature – invite your colleagues over for some coffee and share ideas looking your problem right in the “face” on the opposite wall.

A projector is a true find for university group study sessions. When you have little time and lots of material to cover – you will need all the help you can get. So instead of slouching over a book or crumpled photocopies, you will see all the materials in detail on the wall of your dorm or library, with all your hard-studying friends right there to offer the necessary motivation.

Bedtime Story

Become your child’s hero by turning a traditional bedtime story into a fairytale come to life.

I was lucky enough to have my parents read to me before bed, but, as I guess most kids, what I remember most are the illustrations. I could stare at the pictures from these books for hours, studying every little detail and then trying to recreate them in my drawings.

Bring up the pictures from your child’s favourite storybook onto their bedroom wall or ceiling and let them step into the story, watching Cinderella get ready for that fateful ball or Charlie enjoying his tour of the chocolate factory.

Have more ideas? Chinavasion offers all types of projectors at affordable prices right here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.1.2015. | 20:56
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