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Slowly but surely, we are starting to leave the festivities of winter holidays behind us and settling into the New Year. And as new years should, 2015 brings with it lots of new opportunities, excitement and, of course, gadget releases.

Following on from our “What Tech Will Be Hot in 2015” blog we have a few picks from the rather big number of anticipated tech releases for 2015, we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Project Ara

Project Ara

Definitely one of the most exciting releases of 2015 will be Project Ara by Google – and we are sure you’ve already heard about its mobile world-changing potential. Project Ara refers to the first-ever modular smartphone, that users will be able to custom-build themselves. The phone will consist of a number of modules that you will be able to swap. As the mobile market is growing, we see more and more users tweaking their phones and operating systems and becoming more involved in the developing process. So it was high time someone cut out the middle and let them be in charge.

Apple Watch



Apple Watch

There’s been a lot of talk, excitement and overall hopefulness regarding the release of Apple Watch, which promises to be different from other wearables on the market.

What do we know so far?

We know:

  • that the watch will be rectangular in shape
  • that it will come in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm
  • that it will offer several material variations: stainless steel (white, black and grey), silver aluminum, yellow gold and rose gold

We also know that one of the peculiar features of the watch will be the “digital crown”. Derived from traditional watch design, the crown is a circular knob that will be used for zooming and scrolling and, according to Apple, is a better way to navigate a smaller touch screen than pinch-to-zoom mechanic.

As with most wearables, Apple Watch will give you a way to easily respond to or dismiss notifications, interact with various apps and, as a nice addition, interact with Siri. On the application side, you will have iMessages, Weather, Photos, Mail, Calendar, Apple Pay, Apple Maps, as well as a variety of fitness trackers and nutrition apps.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

The gaming community is holding their breath in anticipation of Oculus – a new video game headset that, according to the developer, “allows you to step inside your favourite games and completely immerse into the virtual world”. With 360 degree head tracking you will be able to turn your head to fully examine the game world around you and with 3D graphics, this world is sure to be quite a sight.

Oculus will not be the only virtual reality gadget available on the market, as Samsung and Sony are also gearing up to release their versions of the gameware.



Wearables seem to be on steroids in 2015, as with the release of more and more devices, we see more and more exciting functions. NYMI band takes it a step further by promising to unlock your phone, car, home and give you access to all sorts of personalized services by simply listening to your heartbeat. Called Heart ID, this new patented biometric authentication system can potentially make our communication with technology even more seamless. Recognizing and registering the unique shape of our ECG waves, theses colourful and subtle bracelets could simplify all sorts of everyday interactions, like making payments or registering for a flight. True, there are a number of security questions to confirm, but the developers are sure that biometric identification will forever change the way we interact with technology.

Zwipe Mastercard


 Biometrics seem to be taking over various service areas.

Mastercard and Zwipe have formed a productive partnership, resulting in the launch of Zwipe Mastercard, which uses your fingerprints, instead of PIN codes and passwords. When released, it will be the word’s first contactless card with a fingerprint sensor. The user’s biometric data will be securely stored inside the card itself and after being activated with a fingerprint scan, the card could be used for to make quick and safe contactless payments.

Virtual Rear View Mirror

Smart Rearview

With all of our everyday device recently going “smart”, there was no reason why car mirrors should not follow. Cadillac is going to replace standard rear view mirrors in their CT6 luxury sedans with video monitors. A camera will be mounted on the rear of the car and then send images to the video monitor, giving the driver a wider-angle view of that’s happening on the road, avoiding blind spots and obstructions. The drivers will still be able to use traditional mirrors with a simple switch, but as the new ones are supposed to offer a field of vision that is 4 times greater than standard mirrors, they may choose not to.

Cadillac is not the only or the first car company to introduce the “smart” component into. Nissan is also releasing Smart Rearview Mirrors in 2015 and we may see more and more car companies picking up the trend. Check out the Chinavasion webpage for some other wonderful car gadgets.


For more tech news and highlights click here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.1.2015. | 20:34
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