Play Smart: Best Chess Apps For Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.1.2015. | 12:02

Whenever I have a few minutes to kill, I turn to my emergency set of games (which I haven’t updated in a while) and let myself dive into the simple plots. A few days ago, though, I had a bit more time than usual and took a long hard look at my game selection: Farmville, ZombieRun, Temple Run – like I’ve said, this list has not been updated in a while. No doubt, these games are a great way to relax, but perhaps not the best choices to entertain your mind. I made a quick search for “intelligent games” in Google Play Store and realized that one of the most intelligent and yet addictive games has been there all along – chess.

Coming with a whole bundle of benefits, like improving your memory and preventing Alzheimers, this Sherlock Holme’s favourite would make a classy and smart addition to my game set. And, as I hope in writing this blog, to yours as well.

Here we go – 5 best application for playing chess on your Android phone or tablet.

Chess For Android

Chess For Android

 If you are a beginner or maybe a long-term player who is still not too confident in your skill set and would like to pick up a few tricks – go with Chess For Android.

This particular game comes with a few features that novices and students of the game will find quite useful, like “suggest a move”, tutorials and auto-play mode, that will help you observe and analyze the game. One you get down to playing, you will notice a clear and simple interface (even though some of you may find it a bit old-fashioned). There are several difficulty levels, so that you can slowly perfect your skill and the game will remember all your and its own moves, letting you review the whole match later.

Chess Genius

Chess Genius

Chess Genius is a tournament-style game and is designed to make you feel like a professional. The clock will be ticking, signaling that you should hurry up with your next move and this is sure to bring out that competitive streak. And it better, as the application features more than 30 levels of complexity.

As you start off at the beginning, there is no need to feel intimidated, as the game comes with mid-game tutorials and helpful hints, such as “next best move”. You will have access to different types of chess boards and sets, from Classic to Modern and well-designed chess pieces.

Chess Play&Learn


Playing against a machine is a great way top build confidence level and polish your check-mate skills. But at some point you will want to test yourself and play with real-life people. Chess Play & Learn will introduce you to the fascinating world and community of chess lovers and let you play and learn from the best. All you have to do get started is register at, get your board ready and start competing with millions of other users worldwide. The app is free, letting you play to your heart’s content. If you are willing to spare a few bucks, though, you can get access to additional videos, like videos and mentor tutorials.

AndroidKnight 3D


If you are looking for something more visually impressive – there is AndroidKnight 3DChess. The game itself is your regular chess game, but featuring 3D graphics. So if visual component is important for you in gaming – AndroidKnoght will take care of that. The app comes with three difficulty modes, letting you progress as you play. There is the ever-helpful “Undo” button – to reverse a move that you think you might be regretting. You can also rotate the board, thanks to Compass Support.

Chess Mate

chess mates

Chess Mate is another online chess game, where you can compete with friends or random players from around the world. A cool feature of the game is the ability to start multiple sessions with various players – basically, you can be playing several games at once. Once it’s your turn – you will get a notification and will need to make your move, which is not timed. However, there is a limit to the overall length of each game and you and your opponent will be expected to finish within two days. The game comes with an exciting selection of themes, (Invasion, Zombie and more) and for a small investment you can unlock them all.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.1.2015. | 12:02
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