How To Adjust Your Android Phone If You Are Left-Handed

Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.1.2015. | 10:52

Left-handed mode

From Raphael and Leonardo Da Vinci to Marylin Monroe and Jerry Seinfeld, the world knows lots of outstanding left-handers. And people often say that being left-handed may come with a number of benefits, like being better at certain sports or even having a higher IQ.

However, when it comes to the routine of everyday life, being left-handed may come with quite a few inconveniences. And using a mobile phone is no exception in this. As our phones are becoming more and more ergonomic, and their usage more and more convenient, all users, no matter  right or left-handed, should benefit from it.

So how do you make your Android phone experience better if you are left-handed? Here are a few simple tips:

First thing you’ll need to consider doing (and the one that will enable all the following moderations) is activate CyanoGenMod app, that will (among other things) allow you to make changes that will turn your device into a more left-hand friendly one.

What is CyanoGenMod?

CyanoGenMod is open source firmware, designed for the Android system, allowing its users to get access to features and options not found on their devices by default. Switching to left-handed mode is one of those features and this is what we will cover today.
But CyanoGenMod offers a rather extensive set of other features, like tethering (making your phone double as a modem), overclocking (increasing your phone’s processor speed for better performance), an enhanced reboot menu, application permissions management, Open VPN client and more.

For our current purpose though, let’s get back to the left-hand mode. Once you have the software installed – head on over to Call Settings and enable Left-Hand mode. It’s as simple as that – your phone is now optimized for left-handed use and you will be able to maker smaller tweaks as you navigate your phone for more new features.

Head on over to Settings and enable Left-Hand mode. It’s as simple as that – your phone is now optimized for left-handed use and you will be able to maker smaller tweaks as you navigate your phone for more new features.

So what has changed?

First, it’s about making calls. As a left-handed user, you may have a natural habit of holding your phone to your left ear when talking. However, later versions of Android come with sensors that can detect when you are about to hold up the phone to your face. This comes with some pretty cool benefits, as the phone will automatically disable the touch screen, to avoid any accidental button pressing and send it into sleep mode to save battery. But holding up your phone to the left ear instead of the right can throw off the system and make it works less well. Left-hand mode, enabled thanks to CyanoGenMod, will change that and you’ll be able to hold the receiver any way you like.

Another thing to consider is screen rotation. Android phones are already great in a way that they rotate the screen automatically when you turn your phone. However, the way the screen rotates puts left-hand users at a disadvantage – as all the action buttons will remain on the right side of the screen, making the scrolling or choosing options quite inconvenient.

Once again, CyanoGenMod comes to the rescue. You will need to head over to the Settings menu, go down to Sound and Display, where (only with CyanoGenMod  enabled) you will find a new option labeled Screen Rotation. The option comes with full customization and allows you to choose between 0 and 360 degrees. Selecting 270 degrees will put the action buttons right where they would work best for left-handed users – on the left side of your phone’s screen.

There you go. These may be just a few small tweaks and changes, but we hope that they will improve your comfort level and allow you to operate faster and smoother.

And while you’re at it, why not explore all the other features of the firmware?

And don’t forget to check out more How To Guides here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.1.2015. | 10:52
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