Battery Saving Apps For Your Android Phone

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What’s the point of having a great phone with all its wonderful functions if you find yourself scraping for the last bits of power at the end of a busy calling day? A few blogs back we talked about a few tricks on how to save your phone’s battery life (you get check out that blog here). One of the options we mentioned was using one of the many available battery saving applications for Android. True, it may not bring you life-changing results, but the following apps will help you get the most juice out of your trusted phone.

Battery Doctor


The healing powers of this app are what makes it so popular. Just like a regular doctor, the application will exam your Android, find out what’s wrong and get down to fixing it.

Battery Doctor comes with a built-in task killer that will monitor all the processes running in the background and nip any unnecessary ones that are eating away at your battery life.

Battery Doctor also comes with desktop widgets, making the speed saving process easy and convenient and, as a bonus, will up your device.

One of the most noted features of this particular application is its ability to predict the time when your battery will give out – which is a handy function and you be able to make a better estimation on whether you should be playing that zombie game right now.

GO Battery Saver &Power Widget

GoPower Widget

Go Battery Saver and Power Widget is most known for its one-click optimization feature, which allow you to switch between pre-defined modes with one single tap. So if you want to go from stand-by mode to making a call or playing an online game – you can let the application know which battery-saving mode it should use by simply tapping a button.

Apart from one click convenience, the application will offer you lots of other functions leading to the optimization of battery use and will also provide you with suggestions as to which apps are safe to open and which ones should be closed based on remaining battery.

Juice Defender

Juice Defender

Juice Defender is an app that comes in three custom formats, depending on the level of control you are looking for: the free version, Plus ($1.99) and Ultimate ($4.99).

The free version features lots of functions: from controlling your communication data to offering a number of pre-set battery optimizing modes, just like the previous app.

If you want to go a step further – the $1.99 version will offer you a larger selection of custom and set modes, including night mode.

For ultimate control, $4.99 will buy you even more options, like the ability to switch between weekday and weekend modes, autosync and GPS management.



Tasker is not your typical battery saving app and comes with numerous other functions. That’s what makes it a great choice if you are looking for a comprehensive approach to managing your device. The application will handle your phone calls, text messages, media and more – and basically after setting it up, you’ll be able to put the issue out of your head completely.

In the battery saving realm, the app will manage battery consumption depending on your activity and time of day.

But as you may already know, Tasker offers so much more than that. In simple terms, it allows you to set specific tasks for your device within specific timelines – like, say, setting the silent mode from 9 to 10AM for a regular work meeting. There are lots of possibilities and options to play around with and you haven’t tried the app yet – you should definitely give it a go.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.1.2015. | 14:56
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