What Tech Will Be Hot In 2015

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.12.2014. | 15:33

2014 saw a lot of progress in technology, 3d printed cars and prostheses, robotic helpers and football players, as well as mini drones and not forgetting the internet of things all saw a lot of development and major progress. So what will next year bring us? Will the internet of things finally become a reality? Will 3D printers really change our everyday lives? Here are a few top trends that we think will have a huge impact in 2015 and affect our lives on a day to day basis.


The Internet of Things

Nearly everyone has a Smartphone. From 10 year old children to grandmas, and they have become a big part of our everyday lives connecting us to the world in new and ingenious ways.

As phones get more powerful and cheaper they are also becoming more integrated with the technology around us. You can control your smart lighting, see who’s at the door and monitor wearable technology such as smart watches and fitness bands. With Android Lollipop coming to more devices over the next year and developer tools available to more we will see an increase and improvement in the way we interact with our wearable technology. There is likely to be a lot more apps with a wider range of functions for connecting to everything from our lighting to our cars so many analysts expect 2015 to see huge growth in the wearable market.

As Apple is about to release their highly awaited smart watch in the first quarter of this year there should be growing competition as all the major players try to outdo each other in performance and connectability. So as 2015 progresses “The Internet of Things” will continue to lead us to a future where everything we use is interconnected in a global Internet of Everything.




Earlier this year we saw some great mini drones as well as reported on Google delivery drones and other major players’ developments of drone couriers but 2015 will see drones become a lot more than just couriers.

Sports camera maker GoPro is reportedly launching a special drone for taking high definition pictures in 2015 and there are bound to be many more consumer drones such as those by French company Parrot. It’s expected that 2015 will see a lot of growth in consumer orientated drones as well as an increase in their use for research. With work on smarter intelligent drones that can follow us around or make independent decisions and identify their surroundings the range of consumer drones is sure to increase which may well cause concerns about infringements on our privacy.


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The current robots are still years away from the robotic helpers of sci-fi films and artificial intelligence isn’t yet set to enslave us like in terminator but it is seeing huge advances. Prosthesis and robotics are combining to help the disabled and in June 2014 a computer program was finally able to beat the Turing Test. With Robots able to do our laundry, help Amazon in their warehouses and even play football we could be a big step closer to talking walking thinking robots by the end of 2015.


3D Printing

3D printing machines are becoming more affordable by the day. In 2014 we saw printed 3D cars and even a printed burger and with computer 3D modeling software printers are able to build many machines and prosthetics as we reported on in June.  This month we even saw plans for a printed spanner sent to the international space station, which was printed out to help with repairs so the sky’s the limit as they say. 2015 will push the boundaries of what were able to print and will help bring technology to the masses. Were still years away from the replicators of Star Trek but what was science fiction is becoming much more of a reality and will continue to do so over the course of 2015. Expect the price of 3D printers and modeling software to drop as the market becomes more competitive and instead of having to spend a fortune on bespoke designs or custom made machine parts its quite probable you will be able to scan them in and make your own at home for a fraction of the cost by the end of 2015.


Personnel Electric Transport

Electric rideables have really started to take off in 2014 and as we move into 2015 this trend is expected to continue. Uni-wheels, Solo wheels and Airwheels are all fairly new personal transportation methods for the conscientious consumer who wants to avoid the rush hour traffic and travel in style. With a huge range of available rideables from China, the country that is famous for its love of bicycles is set to bring even more options to the global markets.

Chinavasion has boosted its presence in the rideables market over 2014 and hopes to disrupt the major players in the market by offering affordable products at up to 50% less than the major online competitors.


So with all these development awaiting us in 2015 why not follow our blog for the latest in great gadget news and be sure to check out the Chinavasion Web-store for great offers on all the latest gadgets through the year.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.12.2014. | 15:33
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