Upgrade Your Home For The New Year With Chinavasion’s Smart Home Gadgets

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.12.2014. | 19:13

As we are approaching one more benchmark in the form of champagne toasts and friendly fireworks, we are inevitably moving into the future. And with us, so are our homes. We may already be decked out in all the fancy gadgetry and taking full advantage of the latest advances in the tech industry – so why not give due attention to the place where we spend (or hope to spend) most of our time?

With just a few tech accessories you can make your home a more convenient and fun place to live in.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner “Hurricane”


They say that you should clean your house before New Year’s Eve, so that all the old troubles disappear together with the outgoing year and you could start with a clean slate. With Robot Vacuum Cleaner, this task will not be as hard as it seemed before. By letting this compact device roam about your house, you will make sure your floors and carpets are spotless at the onset of the New Year and as the old year steps out of the door, so will your arguments wiht family members as to who gets to vacuum this week. It’s all been solved.

Electric Pepper Grinder


Getting ready to cook that delicious New Year meal? As amazing as your cooking abilities may be, it’s always nice to have a little help. And in the stressful undertaking of preparing a holiday mean for all the friends and family, even the smallest detail may be of importance. The electric pepper grinder will automatically grind and dispense your spices with a touch of a button: pepper for your main dish, salt for your salad or cinnamon for your hot chocolate. It would also make a great gift for any of your friends who like to spend time with new recipes or are looking for a stylish accessory for their kitchen.

Smart LED Bulb


Surprise your New Year guests with a dance party without bothering with the sound equipment. Smart LED Bulb will not only keep your house full of light when it gets dark outdoors, but also double as a Bluetooth speaker, streaming high-quality sound right from your phone or tablet library. Who would have thought that something as simple as a light bulb could still be reinvented into something party-worthy?

Touch Sensitive Light Switch


Since we are talking about light, here’s one more gadget that will style up your house for the holidays. This light switch features a smooth touch-sensitive surface and will be a subtle, yet functional addition to your wall. In addition to touch sensitivity, the light comes with a mini remote control that you can clip onto your keys. It’s a really handy feature as from now on you will not have to walk onto a dark room and fumble for the light switch – a true find for those of us who are still uncomfortable with darkness.

Aroma Diffuser Mood Light


We come home to relax, leave the world of work behind and forget about all the external noise and fuss. Creating the right atmosphere inside your house is an important relaxation component. With Aroma Diffuser you will not only be able to experience all the benefits of aromatherapy while sitting on your couch, but also help avoid dry coughs and sinus irritations, often associated with the lack of humidity in the air.

Air Purifier


You may be leaving in the greenest area in your city, but that does not protect you from the harmful substances that can be found right inside your home. Our intent is not to scare you, but the air in your house may be “polluted” with pet hair, dust, bacteria and even chemicals from cleaning materials – and as hard as you may try to keep your home spotless, it’s hard to fight an invisible enemy. NanoPure will filter the air in your house, getting rid of all the unhealthy particles and unpleasant odors, making it an even safer place to raise your family.

Smart Remote Controller


Once your house has been upgraded with all the newest gadgetry, take an extra step to take control of all your appliances with one handy device. Do you remember how annoying it is to have you movie night ruined in search of the remote, that fell between the couch cushions or was buried in the yard by your playful dog? Smart controller illuminates all of that trouble by letting you control your house via your phone. By downloading a simple app, you will be the master of your living room, controlling everything from your aircon to your TV.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.12.2014. | 19:13
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