How To Optimize Your New Android Tablet

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.12.2014. | 22:39

How To Optimize Android Tablet

Hoorah! You got yourself a brand new Android tablet. We bet that you just can’t wait to start exploring, downloading apps and having all sorts of Android fun. However, we suggest you take a few minutes to make sure your device is running at its maximum efficiency and does not hold back your user ambitions. One way to do that is to optimize your Android tablet. Optimization does not require getting additional hardware, but rather working with what you’ve got to make it the best it can be.

So here are a few tips for optimizing your Android tablet:

Spare Your Battery Life

One of the things practically all Android users are interested in is the way to improve battery life. After all, making your device last longer means having access to all the great tablet features.

One of the things you can do to extend battery life (the one you’ve probably heard about) is turn down your screen brightness. The truth is, unless you are lucky enough to spend most of your time on a tropical island under direct bright sunlight – you probably will not need to turn up the brightness level all the way up and 50% of the maximum should be more than enough for indoor use.

If your tablet is rooted, another option presents itself. Through the menu on your device, you can use the underclocking feature, which can slow down the speed of your processor. Say, your default speed is 1GHz  – you can turn the speed down to 800 MHz, thus increasing your battery life. It’s a good choice if you don’t often play too many games on your device and the actions you use it for do not require a high speed.

Don’t Forget About Safety

Nothing can get you more off track and your tablet less efficient than a virus. Unlike IOS, Android is much more friendly to third-party files and applications and that friendliness also makes it more vulnerable to malware. So before going ahead with exploring more applications, make sure you have the one to keep you safe. AVG Antivirus is a good and free choice to detect malware, which also comes with an anti-theft feature.

Manage Performance

To avoid slow-downs and crashes, make sure your tablet’s performance is not being dragged down by unnecessary apps and stored cache. In order to so that – you can download any of the many available cleaner apps (like Clean Master), that will make sure your device is not hoarded with unnecessary files. As an alternative to individual cleaner apps, you can install a multifunctional one, aptly named an All-In-One Toolbox. The app contains 29 tools, that will handle junk and cache cleaning, restoring and backup, file compression and lots of other plug-ins.

Get Some Widgets

Installing widgets may not directly affect your tablet’s performance, but it will affect your user experience and improve your own efficiency when working with the device. By downloading HD Widget app, you will be able to fully explore the extent of customization that Android OS offers: from changing your time and date format to allowing yourself quick access to important setting on screen lock.

Get Ready For Gaming

If you are a fan of 3D gaming, you will definitely prefer to use your tablet, rather than cell phone, for your gaming needs. And when you are picking a new game, you will surely want to have the best graphic experience when you play it. However, not all games may come out looking the way they are supposed to on your tablet and some of them may actually overwhelm your device.

3D Mark is an app that will help you assess your tablet’s graphic capabilities and overall performance. You can then compare your tablet’s ranking to other devices out there on the application’s website as well as get an idea of which games will suit it better than others.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.12.2014. | 22:39
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