Best 3D Games For Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.12.2014. | 10:25

In our recent blogs we talked about a variety of apps and widgets that could enhance your organizational performance, but “all work and no play…” – you know the story. So once you feel like it may be the right time for a break – why not relax with a few fun 3D games for Android?

Real Boxing

Real Boxing

Watching boxing live on TV is an experience in itself. With Real Boxing you can not only watch, but also participate – without risking your good looks, of course. The game has a simple plot line (as would be expected of a fighting game), but comes with great effects – the crowd yelling and cheering, punch sounds and visual effects. Your will also pick up a few punching techniques if you pay attention – as you will feel every hook, jab and uppercut and see the effects of the punches on your opponent’s face. The game is all about boxing, but it does not get dull thanks to various playing modes, including “career mode” where your goal is to win title after title.

Riptide GP2


Riptide is one of the games that was made for 3D format and also one of those games that you simply have to play. It is a jet-ski racing game that will get your heart pumping and your adrenaline shooting through the roof. The graphics are breathtaking and the plot (though fairly simple) is versatile, as you can choose between various playing modes. “Water drops on the screen”- effect is a really cool feature, making the game even more realistic and entertaining.

Sports Car Challenge


What’s a mobile game collection without a good racing game? And by good – we mean really good. Even if you are not particularly into car races, Sports Car Challenge is good enough to change your mind. Two of the best things about the game are that you get to drive real-world cars on real-world tracks. And what cars those are! You get a nice selection of world’s hottest sports cars from Audi to Bugatti and the ability to view your car’s interior in detail and in 3D. Featured with great graphics and impressive visual effects – the game can be a bit heavyweight. So make sure your Wi-Fi is on before you download them.

Balance 3D

Balance 3D

Balance 3D may not be a new game nor a new concept and it is unlikely to give you an adrenaline rush. The beauty of the game is in the thinking and all the mind work needed to balance a ball in a highly unpredictable environment with varying gravity and complicated mazes. As with most puzzles, the game is addictive and you may find it impossible to put down the phone until you successfully get through all the 31 levels and have got past all the imaginable challenges. The graphics are great and for a game with such a simple plot, there is a lot of variety in backgrounds and surroundings.

The Room 2

The Room 2

Yes, there may be a big chance you have already played the game, since everyone who has played The Room 1 could hardly wait for the release of the sequel. But if you are one of the few who still hasn’t been introduced to the game – we are happy to be the ones introducing you to it. The Room is a puzzle game, reminiscent of they style of Dan Brown’s books. You have to use clues to work your way around a huge metal box, unlocking drawers and secret compartment in search of more clues. To say that the game is addictive is to say nothing. The chances are you will keep playing non-stop until you solve the puzzle – at least that’s what happened to me the last time I played it.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.12.2014. | 10:25
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