Weird startup ideas

Author James Mash 24.12.2014. | 02:06

Many companies emerged in 2014 offering new ways to help people connect, get stuff done, or find that special someone. But other new startups, looking for that new and original thing, peddled products that were gimmicky, legally unsound, or just not super useful.

Let’s see some silly ideas.

Yo B*tch!

It might be easy to single out Yo, a messaging app that at launch only let people message “yo” to each other. How useful is that? But it’s sort of fun. Yo, B*tch, a crass copy-cat app launched by “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul, named after the crude salutation his character frequently uttered during the TV series.



Find love by science! The startup aims to find the right person based on genetic profiling. SingldOut mails its customers a DNA kit in a prepaid envelope so the user can collect a saliva sample and send it in. The company does not perform a complete genetic profile; it targets just two sets of genes: the serotonin transporter gene and human leukocyte antigens (HLAs). The first set helps to show two people’s emotional compatibility, while the second set serves as a marker for overall genetic differences, the company says. “Recent studies have suggested that the more genetically diverse two people are, the more attracted they are to each other’s pheromones,” SingldOut says on its website.


MonkeyParking tried to let users auction off where they were parked so other users could bid on the spots as they’re vacated. It was forced to shut down after the city attorney said the app violated local laws prohibiting people and companies from buying, selling or leasing public on-street parking.



We have recently wrote about this app. Wakie, whose app lets a stranger call you on the phone to wake you up. It’s supposed to be less jarring—and more social—than an alarm clock.

But depending on who’s calling, it could be more jarring than your alarm clock, and not very social either.

To be woken up, you give the app your phone number and set a time. Other users can make calls, and if one of them is available then, you’ll hear from them. If not, you’ll just get a call with a pre-recorded message.

[via PCworld]

Author James Mash 24.12.2014. | 02:06
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