5 Keyboard Apps For Android That You Should Try

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With all the texting we do these days, our cell phone keyboards are becoming the tools we turn to most frequently after switching on our phones. Whether you are an avid texter or a professional who often handles emails over the phone – you have every right to an easy and efficient way to get your message across. Here’s a list of keyboard applications for Android that can help you type faster, more accurately and have fun while doing it.

Swift Key



We’d be really surprised if you haven’t heard about Swift Key by now, as it is widely considered to be the best third-party keyboard option. It seems to offer all there is to have when it comes to mobile keyboards, boasting one of the best trace features and a powerful prediction mechanism. Complete with a nice selection of Emojis and customization options, the keyboard is a true all-in-one solution to all your typing needs. All of these fun features make it one of the most popular choices among Android and IOS users alike.



When all those extra features seem to confuse you more than improve your typing efficiency or if you like relying on prediction when typing – Minuum does its best to bring the actuall typing and the keyboards themselves to the minimum. Instead of a traditional QWERTY keyboard, Minuum presents you with a proprietary one. The custom keyboard is small, takes up less than half of the screen and comes with a reliable prediction mechanism, that has the potential of changing your typing style. True, it make some time to get the hang of it, you will see significant improvements in your typing speed.


Fleksy app

Fleksy may way soon become just as popular as Swift Key thanks to its above average prediction mechanism. What makes Fleksy’s prediction system different is the idea that the engine will look at where you hit the letters (and not only the letters themselves) to get a better sense of what you were going to say. Should you make a typo or a spelling mistake, Fleksy’s powerful auto-correct will take care of the problem. You can also easily make the keyboard your own with colour and theme changes – all part of a big customization package.


Swype app

The name of the keyboard is a give-away to its key and most distinctive feature. Swype introduced the idea of moving your finger across the keyboard to create words, as opposed to traditional tapping. Not to say that Swype goes completely against tradition – you are free to choose between swiping and tapping anytime. Swype may come pre-installed on your phone and in that case all you’ll have to do is set it as your default keyboard. If you are not so lucky, a few minutes on Google Play Store should do the trick.

Adaptxt Keyboard


Once again, the name of the app sheds some light on what the application has in store. Adaptxtx takes customization to the next level and if you enjoy personalizing every aspect of your mobile experience – you will love this app. You will be able to change everything about your keyboard, from text colour and font to keyboard colour and trace colour. At the end of your personalization project, you will have a keyboard that will truly reflect your personal style and sense of fashion.

You should feel free to explore all the possible options and try different variants, as all of the listed applications offer free trial versions.

Alternatively, if you are doing lots of typing for work, you might want to look into a portable keyboard solution. Take a look at out selection here. We hope that with our suggestions you will explore new ways of phone communication, while still remembering to take occasional brakes from texting.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.12.2014. | 20:41
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