5 Fun (And Slightly Ridiculous) Phone Accessories

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.12.2014. | 23:30

As mobile phone market is expanding with newer and more advanced models, so is the world of phone accessories. And while some of them have become indispensable in our mobile lives (like power banks or protective cases), others have chosen a less traveled road of functionality, offering us a few extra tricks to make our lives easier or, at least, give us something to laugh about.



Textees is an accessory made with “texters” in mind. The idea is simple – Textees look like thimbles for sewing – but instead of protecting your fingers from needles, they improve your accuracy when typing. All you do is slip a Textee on your finger and it basically transforms into a stylus.

Apart from frequent texters, the accessory is also handy for professionals who often have to answer emails on their phone. There is no denying the practical component of Textees and they certainly cater to a certain gap in the market. However, we still have to wait and see whether they will become mainstream in the accessory world.

 Cell Mate




Despite its dangerous-sounding name, the accessory is actually quite friendly. What it does is use ingeniously designed gear to attach an entire phone to your head. So next time when you are cooking, working out or taking a bath, you will be able to keep your hands free and your phone extremely close. But here come the questions. Putting the obvious concern of looking absolutely ridiculous (especially so, if you are a phablet user), there comes the reasonable ** of why would one go through so much trouble (and fashion crime) with an array of Bluetooth devices available? A simple Bluetooth speaker or headset would easily do the job without sacrificing your dignity. So feel free to check out our Bluetooth speaker selection.


TV Hat




Poked fun at in “The Colbert Report” and boasting “The Dumbest Gadget Of The Week” award by Wired, TV Hat is just what it say it is: a TV in a hat. While the problem of sun glaring on the screen when you are trying to watch a movie on your phone is real, putting on a contarcption that makes you look like Dart Vader seems excessive. Promising to rid you of all the outside distractions and let you focus on the screen, TV Hat may do just that. But after the hat has been cleverly mocked in “The Colbert Report” as the best way to tune out your family – it’s probably best not to bring one along for Christmas dinner

Arkhippo Case



Originally designed specifically for the iPhone, Arkhippo is like a snowsuit for your phone. It is huge and way too overprotective. Once in the case, your phone will be able to stand on its own and dropping it pn the floor will no longer be a cause for panic. The cases come in lots of bright colours and are generally cool-looking and fun to play with. Surely, they make it so much more complicated to fit the phone into your purse and significantly hinder the portability of the device. But we still do love Arkhippo – even if just as nice addition to your desk .

Cell Phone Holster


If you have ever felt that you born in the wrong time and belong in the Wild Wild West – so have a number of Japanese designers who have come up with a metal holster for your phone. Perhaps, one of the coolest ways to pick up your phone, the holster is definitely eye-catching and does make a certain fashion statement. As with most fashion accessories, practicality may not be of importance – but the case does do its job: holds your phone in place and close enough to hear all the buzzing and beeping. One thing to think about is avoiding sporting your new accessory in front of the local policemen, who may not be as trendy as you would like them to.

For more cell phone accessories – click here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.12.2014. | 23:30
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