Creative Lock Screen Apps For Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.12.2014. | 20:58

Locking your phone screen is such a simple and ordinary action, that most of the time we don’t even notice it or think about it as anything special. What if it was special? What if locking or unlocking your screen could be way more exciting than that, letting you, for instance, draw on your friends’ locked screens? Or more convenient, allowing you to get quick access to all your notifications or snapping a picture without unlocking the screen?

It’s time we explored some more adventurous options of the everyday phone activity. Here are a few lock screen apps that can get the job done.

Echo Notification

Echo not


True to its name, Echo Notifications takes care of keeping you in the know as to what’s going on behind the locked screen. All your updates are displayed at a glance and all you have to do is tap on the ones your want to open and swipe the ones you are not interested in to the left. The application is easy and light and lets you know what’s new with just one look at the screen.



LokLok is definitely something you should try, as the app brings a completely new creative dimension to the simple screen lock process. When the screen is locked, it turns into a whiteboard, on which you can draw, leave messages or have all sorts of artistic fun. What’s even greater – you can also leave drawings, notes and pictures for your friends on their lock screens. The app makes your locked screens a shared canvas so that you can stay connected (in a really fun way) throughout the day!


Locket app



Locket takes an educational approach to screen locking. It starts by asking you a few questions about what you are into and uses the knowledge to place related articles on your locked screen. You may look at this as a fun read to kill time, but the app has also been dubbed a powerful language learning tool for non-native speakers of English. You can choose the topics on which you’d like to pick up some more vocabulary and once you pick up your phone – a reading piece will be waiting to get you started.

Sparky Lock Screen



Sparky takes visual presentation to the next level with an array of drawn backgrounds, bringing a street art gallery right to your locked screen. Every time you switch on your phone, you will be presented with unique and inspiring artwork, all the while keeping an eye on important notifications and putting you on the fast track to the most popular apps.



Start cleverly brings all that matters right to your home screen. You get to pick any apps that you want to have on your locked screen for fast access. Depending on what those apps might be, you may be able to send emails, take pictures, make calls and more without unlocking your device. The app would also be a good fit if you like to be close to your social media updates, as Start lets you view your social media feed with one  swipe. Add to that a great selection of simple and artistic themes – and Start may well become your screen locker of choice.

Joy Locker


Joy Locker will surely bring you numerous moments of joy, as it lets you play mini-games right on your lock screen. From a soccer match to a shooting race, you will definitely be entertained and a simple feature of unlocking your screen will now be something to look forward to. The games feature simple plot lines and will not keep you away from work or important business calls. Joy Locker comes with multiple customization options that will allow you to make this mini-game studio truly your own.

Go Locker


When it comes to popularity, Go Locker takes the cake. With an impressive stock of background images, clean and simple design of notifications and easy access to popular applications – it comes as no surprise that Go Locker boasts over 100 million users. All in all, it offers a great mix of features you may be looking for in a lock screen app – and does so in a simple and light format.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.12.2014. | 20:58
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