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It’s been a busy week for us here at Chinavasion.

You loved the lower prices for the LED Watches (Read more about it in the blog LED Watches Fly Out The Door Choose Your Favorite). We put together our very first podcast (Podcast: The Recession And China Trade) AND put together a list of the hottest selling items of November (November’s Hottest Gadgets For Resellers).

We also got a lot of questions and we are answering some of the more common ones below so the whole world can see.

So read on as we look at our policy on exclusive distributors, TV settings and what happens to repaired/replacement items when they leave our warehouse.

Can I become your exclusive distributor in my country

One question that we get asked quite often here at Chinavasion is if somebody can be our exclusive distributor in a certain country/region.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of ecommerce there’s virtually no way for to control the distribution of our products geographically, just like you can’t control yours.

While this might mean that you may face competition from another seller it does mean there are no barriers to expanding your own market.

For example, if you are based in Italy you can sell to anyone anywhere in the EU zone capitalizing on the free market’s zero import tariffs.

With creative marketing, the sky is the limit for your company’s expansion.

And, for all the retail vendors who sell Chinavasion products through traditional channels and bricks and mortar stores there is already a good chance that you have a form of exclusive distributor arrangement by default. You are among the very few that source from the internet.

At, we are constantly looking for unique high-tech products to help you differentiate from your competitors. With Chinavasion, you will always enjoy the high profitability that a niche market provides you and the best service.

My product has a TV function, will it work in my country?

It doesn’t matter if the product you are buying is for analog or digital TV signals, it is usually very easy to work out whether or not you will be able to pick up TV channels in your country using the device.

Just go to the bottom of the product description and look for the subtitle ‘TV Profile’ the countries and regions listed are the ones that the gadget works with.


You can watch analog TV in a lot of countries when you own the Elemental CVEM-M78.

Will you give me a tracking number for items that you’ve repaired?

Unfortunately no, we do not send an email. However, you can check your original order status. In the comments, you will be able to see the date the repaired product is sent out and the tracking number.


Product Review


Amigo – WiFi Quad Band Dual-SIM Cellphone with QWERTY Keyboard [CVEM-M79]
When it comes to Chinese WiFi capable phones with a Qwerty keyboard not many hit the scene with as much a splash as the Amigo Wifi phone. But with a great reception come many questions. Here are some of the more common ones with the answers.

Does the phone come with a contract?

This phone is contract-free and fully unlocked so it can work with any GSM service provider you choose.

Does the M79 come with an analog TV tuner?

Yes, watch TV and be happy with The Amigo QWERTY phone.

Is this phone like the iPhone?

No, this phone is better than the iPhone! Unlike the iPhone, the M79 comes fully unlocked and ready for use with any network or carrier straight out of the box. You do not need to use any firmware hacks and risk “bricking” the phone.

The M79 also has dual SIM (unlike the iPhone).

Is this phone like the Chinese HiPhone, APhone, or SciPhone?

No, this is better than all of them. Unlike with other Chinese touchscreen phones, the M79 comes with a full 12-month warranty from Chinavasion along with a professional in-house customer support service.

You can also be secure in the knowledge that your M79 has gone through rigorous QC testing before it is shipped direct to you.

How long should I charge the battery before first use?

Before you use the battery for the first time, please charge it for 12 hours.

Great to hear that the phone comes with 2 batteries. What if I need more batteries, what should I do?

Simply contact our customer support department to order replacement accessories. Easy peasy.

In fact, for more details on getting spare parts for your phone check out this FAQ Can I order an extra battery/charger/SD card from you when I buy an item?

Can I change the ringtone with this phone?

Definitely. The phone provides for many preset ringtones. You can also load your own MP3s to act as ringtones or use the phone’s sound recorder to record your own voice or sounds as a ringtone.

What is Dual Standby and does the Amigo phone have it?

A phone which is designed to work with 2 Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) are called Dual SIM phones. Of these Dual SIM phones, the ones which allow both SIMs to be active at the same time so you can receive calls on both are called Dual Standby phones. Yes, the CVFD-M79 is a dual SIM, dual standby phone.

When I am entering the name of a new contact in my phonebook, what is the maximum number of characters I can use?

You can enter a name that is 14 characters long.

What kind of operating system does this phone use?

It’s called Nucleus RTOS.

How hackable is this phone?

If you like to hack things, by that we mean squeeze more functionality out of a thing than was originally intended then this phone is for you.

Keep in mind that any attempts to open up the phone, flash the firmware, basically mess with it, will void the warranty.

Having said that, if DIY hacking is your passion then you might find very interesting. Especially the section about Chinese models and cloned phones.

This phone uses the MediaTek 6235 chip by the way.

Where can I download some great free music for this phone?

We love, great music from all genres. Check out Lara St John’s amazing version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or DJ Cary’s Eastern Grooves. also has some very delicious tunes.

For a bigger list of questions visit the Chinavasion FAQ page or to ask your own question leave a comment to this blog (provided you don’t mind the whole world knowing about it).

We’ll answer them here and, if they’re good enough we may even re-publish them in a future Friday FAQ.

Author xlxmarketing 4.12.2009. | 15:56
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