The Latest Reseller Weapon In Chargeback Prevention

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.12.2009. | 11:43

Bad Customer
If you’re selling products online then there’s a good chance just hearing the term ‘chargeback’ is enough to make a chill run through your spine.

A chargeback, for anyone blissfully unaware of the term, is the process of taking back, or debiting, the merchant’s credit card funds after the funds have been paid to the merchant.

Chargebacks have two legitimate purposes:

They are supposed to be the consumer’s last line of defense against unscrupulous merchants who absolutely refuse to replace a faulty or unsatisfactory item which is in breach of their terms and conditions.

The are also supposed to thwart unauthorized payment in the event of fraud( i.e purchases made using stolen payment information).

Unfortunately chargebacks are sometimes used excessively by some customers who open a chargeback before contacting the vendor or supplier about the order.

They can also be used to commit fraud based on fake claims.

This blog purpose is to give honest web-store some hope to prevent/reduce illegitimate chargeback.

Although the majority of online stores are safe and honest, it’s always the same; a small minority will make the rest of all pay for their rubbish! They will have to incur a loss for the product or service sold.

Chargebacks are time-consuming; it usually takes several months to be cleared.
In 90% of the case banks or online payment service providers decisions will be made in favor of the customer.

A common solution that most of the web-store is to keep a record of their ‘bad’ customers. If a customer has previously issued a chargeback against you, then you might already have blacklisted him to prevent them from ordering from you again. is a new service website that offers to retailers that accept to share their ‘bad customer’ list to access a big database of negative buyers.

It is a simple way to reduce chargebacks.

Once you are a Bad customer member, customers that have a charge back history will be identified by the service provider while credit card is being processed.

The system will direct the customer to the Badcustomer’s website.

Honest customers will have the opportunity to be delisted from that list after having discussed with bad customer support.

Customers with no chargeback history will have their online payment transaction processed normally.

So check out now and let’s work together to avoid unnecessary chargebacks and share your customer horror stories in the comments below.

Chinavasion does not use or endorse this service and does not share any of its customer details with any third party

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.12.2009. | 11:43
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