Smart Bracelets That Will Take Care Of Your Health

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.12.2014. | 20:27

We live in the days when everything around is smart: phones, watches, and even accessories, like bracelets. So it feels like the best time to wise up, gear up and start getting healthy. These 5 smart bracelets will help you track your workouts, get ready for a marathon, check your heart rate and sleep well.

Vidonn X5 Smart Bracelet

Whether you are a committed jogger or a rookie, training for a marathon or trying to break into a new routine – you will need someone or something to keep you motivated and help you track your progress. Compatible with iPhones from 4S to 5S, as well as a umber of Android devices, Vidonn X5 Smat Bracelet will be your personal and portable coach. Your new-found coach will follow you anywhere, whether you choose to run in the sand dunes or on the beach, thanks to the IP66 rating. And the featured Bluetooth 4.0. will make the syncing process simple and easy.


Bluetooth 4.0 Health Wristband

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to your healthy lifestyle challenge – here it is. The bracelet comes with exercise mode, helping you keep count of all the steps you took during the day and calories burnt – so that you know when to shame or reward yourself. This feature is particularly useful for establishing a smart fitness routine. With all the intense working out you’ll be doing, don’t forget about rest. Luckily, the healthy wristband will take care of that as well, tracking you sleep and nap time and letting you know how well you sleep through the night.


Otium Shine Activity + Sleep Monitor Wristband

Otium has a very distinct “clean” look with a deep sea-blue watch face. It may be a hint that this bracelet is a great swimming accessory. Resistant to up to 100 meteres, it will swim, dive or surf with you, recording your progress and calories burnt. As you may have heard, swimming is one of the best and safest ways to get in shape, that also works your whole body, with a special focus on your core and back muscles. Just like any good workout buddy, Otium will keep you swimming and keep you motivated. You may not become the next Michael Phelps, but you will stay fit and have fun doing it!


 Bluetooth 3.0 Smart Wristband Watch

If you are always on the go, busy with work and can barely find the time to work out, a sporty smart watch may help you have the best of both worlds – plan and track your workouts and help you stay connected in case you are urgently needed at the office. Take this smart wristband watch, for instance. It can send and receive calls, texts, see caller ID (so you can decide if the call is important enough to stop your workout for). In the meantime you can easily count your steps, calories and even snap pics of the early morning scenery, as you set out on your morning jog.


Hygeia Heart Monitor and Speaker

Okay, Hygeia may not be a bracelet per say, but it fits all out requirements for a portable fitness tracking device. And more. Being a Bluetooth speaker primarily, Hygeia can play energizing tracks from your phone or from the micro SD card, accompanying your workouts with the right tunes. In addition to the fun, Hygeia will do lots of tracking and caring about your health. If you are following a regular fitness routing, monitoring your heart rate is just as important as tracking your calories and waistline (if not more). Thanks to a handy app, Hygeia will take care of that, bringing balance to your workouts.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.12.2014. | 20:27
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