How To Use Android Device Manager To Locate Your Phone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.12.2014. | 18:47

Androif Device Manager

It’s better to be safe than sorry – this is a known fact of life. And the truth is, you can usually easily protect yourself from unpleasant situations with just the minimum precautions. Say, losing your phone- with just a few simple steps you can minimize the damage caused by the loss or even avoid it altogether. And while we hope you will never have to use it – here’s a helpful step-by-step guide on how to use Android Device Manager to locate or disable a lost phone.

As we most applications, the starting point is at Google Play Store, where you’ll have to go to download Android Device Manager. For that, you will need a Google Account and just a few minutes of your time. Here we go.

  1. Download Android Device Manager
  2. Go to your Settings>Security and allow the app to act as Device Administrator (this way it will have the power to lock or wipe your phone). To download the app, as well as to sign into it, you will need to use one of your Google accounts.
  3. Once you sign in and unless you have multiple phones linked to the same account, you should see your location and the make and model of the phone you are currently using.
  4. Now we get to the painful stuff, what happens if you can’t find your phone.

First thing you do, is go to the Android Device Manager website and sign in with your Google Account. If you phone can be located – you will be able to choose from a few available options.

Option One: Ring

The ting option will do just that – ring your phone. But it will do so non-stop for 5 minutes, letting your phone “scream” at full volume. You can then use the sound to get close to your phone (if it’s lost somewhere in the room) or spot a pick-pocket, if he hasn’t got too far from the crime scene.

Option Two: Lock

The Lock option will allow you to change the PIN or password on your phone or set one up if you didn’t have one before. This is a good way to make sure that whoever got your phone will not get to its contents or if you have reason to believe your friend may be playing a prank on you and is using your account to post obscene pictures on Instagram.

Option Three: Erase All Data

If you’ve given up hope on finding your phone or left it somewhere you are not willing to go back to (think “Silent Hill”) – the best and only option you may have is to erase all data on your phone. Once you choose this option, everything on your phone will be gone, including Android Device Manager (oh, the irony) and you won’t be able to track your phone any longer.

But should the worst happen and you cant recover your phone then you can always select a a replacement from the massive range of Android phones available out our Chinavasion web site where wholesale prices offer your great savings.

For more helpful tips, head over to our How To Guides section.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.12.2014. | 18:47
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