Chinavasion: 10 Watches That Would Make A Great Gift For Him

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.12.2014. | 12:34

There is probably nothing more difficult in gift-giving, then finding the right one for a man. That’s why we often tend to keep to the classics and stay on the safe side. Luckily, classics do not have to be boring. Here are ten modern, hip and functional watches that would make a perfect gift for him.

Stainless Steel LED Watch

This analog watch may look simple and classic at a first glimpse, but red LED lighting is a giveaway for more hidden features. One of them is that the owner of the watch can display a personalized message on the watch face of up to 26 characters. Whether you want to use it for reminders or daily inspirational quotes is entirely up to you. A stainless steel strap that comes with the watch is not only stylish, but practical – with over 20 strap segments it will fit any wrist size.


Japanese Style LED Watch “Singularity”

If you are looking for a completely original way to look at time – you have that with Singularity. Showing hours, minutes and date in separate rows and columns, the watch may take some time to figure out – but that’s part of the fun. Despite its originality in time-telling, the watch keeps to stylistic tradition with a classic leather strap and a buckle type clasp.


3D Effect LED Watch

If he’s a fan of sci-fi movies and futuristic gadgets, this new 3D perspective wrist piece will quickly become his favourite. Telling time will no longer be just a tedious everyday thing, but an exciting three-dimensional adventure. Juts press the button on the right side and see the numbers jump off the screen. As with most LED watches, you might spend some time figuring it out – but it will all be worth it in the end!

Blue_LED_stylish_watch_with_owAn9-IL.jpg.thumb_400x400 (1)

Red Crystal LED Watch “Ruby”

With shimmering red crystals and bright LED lighting, this watch is as much of a fashion accessory as it is a time-telling device. A truly eye-catching piece, it will draw lots of attention to his wrist and serve its practical purpose. As flashy of expensive-looking as the watch is, it is also durable and thanks to the waterproof rating can accompany him to a fishing trip or a quiet walk on the beach.




Waterproof_LED_Watch_with_ljGo2CFi.JPG.thumb_400x400 (1)

Japanese Style Inspired Blue LED Watch “Ice Samurai”

At a first glance “Ice Samurai” is merely a black onyx bracelet – simple and classic. But with a press of a button it instantly turns into a modernistic watch – displaying the time in icy blue glow  (hence the name)– a perfect symbol of strength, dignity and ultimate “manliness”. A combination of modern design and Oriental mystery – “Ice Samurai” is a truly unique accessory.



Our list of perfect watch gifts could not be complete without the latest generation of watches that are not only good-looking and original, but also intelligent.

E-Ceros Smart Nano Waterproof 3G Smartwatch

Smart watches like E-Ceros Nano have completely redefined our expectations of this classic accessory. With E-Ceros, the original time-telling function fades under the shadow of a bright array of other features. You can make and receive calls, browse the Web, take pictures and even download apps for even more functionality. Despite its technical complexity, the watch is durable and reliable, coming with an IP57 rating – it’s waterproof and dustproof.


1.26 Inch E-Paper Display Smartwatch ‘Zebble’

If he spends lots of time looking at his phone, Zebble is sure to make his everyday life much simpler. The smart watch will sync with his smartphone, bringing all of the phone’s functionality right to his wrist. So without reaching for his phone, he’ll be able to see all the incoming notifications, take pictures, control music, get weather updates and even look for his phone, should it ever get lost. Zebble features a classic E-Paper display, making it easily visible in any lighting. Plus, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a low battery consumption.


Smart Bluetooth V3.0 Bracelet Watch

For the active and sporty – there is the Smart Bluetooth V3.0 Bracelet Watch. It is specifically designed to work with Android smart watches and will allow its happy owner to answer calls and perform other phone actions on the go – whether they are jogging or taking a relaxing walk on the beach. What’s more, with a built-in pedometer, the watch can help you keep track of your workouts by telling exactly you how many steps you have taken in the right direction.


Hi-PEEL HI8 Smartwatch

For a classic look and a selection of intelligent capabilities – check out Hi-PEEL H18. A traditional wide leather strap adds a note of old-world sophistication to the modern smart watch, packed with exciting features. One of those features, for instance, is a powerful 5 Megapixel camera, letting you capture special moments of the go. Or, a 1.63 inch scratch-resistant display and 4 GB on built-in memory – letting you enjoy multiple multimedia capabilities.


Bluetooth 3.0 Smart Wristband Watch

If you feel like he is working way too hard and may benefit from a few changes – this smart watch will help him regain the lost balance, by combining all the functional features of a smart watch with a few Zen additions. He can sync the watch with your phone to get all the notifications and calls, making sure you don’t miss anything important at work. But, it’s not all about work and when he needs the well-deserved time-off, the smart watch will make sure he gets some sound sleep with a built-in sleep management function.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.12.2014. | 12:34
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