Chinavasion: 5 Creative Portable Keyboard Solutions

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.12.2014. | 10:06

If texting is a big part of your work or social life, having a portable keyboard handy will make your days much easier and your texts much less “typo-friendly”. Let’s admit it, no matter how much you may love the touch screen, it’s not the best solution when it comes to lengthy written communication. A keyboard, on the other hand, will let you write an email, text or play a game in total comfort.

Mini Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard with Powerbank

Multitasking has become the reality of today’s working world. This is why when we have the chance of getting a multi-functional device – we go for it without hesitation.Combining a portable Bluetooth keyboard and power bank, you have exactly that. Compatible with Android, IOS and Windows Mobile and operating at the length of up to ten meters, this mini-keyboard will also charge your phone or tablet, all while you type! Small and light, it is a perfect and practical accessory to have in your bag or on your office desk.


Portable Bluetooth Bamboo Keyboard

If you are looking for originality or want to get closer to nature when typing your next text – you can now get your hands (or fingers) on a real bamboo keyboard. In addition to original style, bamboo makes the keyboard light, thin and easily portable. So no matter how stressed you may be while writing your hundredth email a day, at least you’ll be doing it Zen way.Just connect it to your phone, tablet, laptop or any other Bluetooth compatible device and type away.


IP67 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Don’t have enough space in your bag for a keyboard? Just roll it up and put it in your pocket! This flexible silicon keyboard is the ultimate choice when it comes to portability and compactness. Fold it in two or roll it into a cylinder – the keyboard can shrink to 13 by 8 CM. You can take it absolutely anywhere and you absolutely should. Compatible with Mac, Windows and Android – this Bluetooth keyboard is as multi-functional as it is flexible. The best part, though, is the fact that is it dustproof, waterproof and easy to clean.


Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard “Seenda IBK-03”

 Seenda IBK -03 may look like your regular keyboard at a first glimpse – that is until you fold it. Just like a book, you can open the keyboard while working and then close it and conveniently slide into your backpack.

When unfolded Seenda IBK-03 features a full PC layout, complete with shortcut multimedia buttons. As with most portable gadgets, durability is key – but don’t worry – magnetic clasps make sure that the keyboard does not accidentally open in your backpack and stays well-protected throughout your journey.


Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

If you are looking for tradition and simplicity even in your portable keyboard, you have it with this mini Bluetooth keyboard. Sporting 49 soft keys, a full QWERTY keyboard (you won’t have to get used to a new layout), space bar and an FN key for increased efficiency, handy accessory is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and Playstation – all of that in a portable form and sleek ergonomic design.



Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.12.2014. | 10:06
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