5 Stylish Watch Face Apps For Your Android Wear

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.12.2014. | 21:20

Android Wear offers lots of cool features to play around with, but somehow the stylistic aspect of changing watch faces seems even more enticing to the most of us.

Luckily, despite the fact that Android Wear is relatively young, there are already thousands of various faces to try on.All you have to do is find the right app and enjoy a new style every day or even every hour.

Facer For Android Wear – The All In One

Facer is an all-in-one solution for personalizing your smart watch. It is convenient if you want a quick fix, as the in-app allows you to get all sorts of watch faces from classics to futuristic and simple to intricate.

Yet, the best thing about Facer is actually WYSIWYG interface (what you see is what you get), that allows you to basically bring out your own ideas and designs on your watch. You can create custom watch faces for your device and add all the extras you feel are necessary, like weather data, custom text, images and more.

Facer for A


Face For Wear – Designer’s Choice

Face Wear is a new player on the market that has already made a name (or face) for itself. Just like Facer, you can download or create new watch faces, add new features to your creations and more.What makes Face To Wear different is the level to which the app takes creativity.

If you have a designer streak, you will definitely love it. Face For Wear comes with the ability to use their template to design your own watch faces through Android Studio and turn them into APKs that can be offered directly on Google Play. You will have to download Android Studio on your desktop and go through a short tutorial – but it’s all worth it, especially if you’d like to monetize on your creativity. Finished APKs are referred to as Face Packs and will appear on Google Play as free or paid apps.

Face For Wear

Android Wear Faces Creator – Simplicity Is In

If you are looking for simplicity – get Android Wear Faces Creator. The app focuses on the ability to turn any image into a watch face. So you can have fun with the Image Gallery on your phone (and you puppy will probably make a really cute watch face, too).

You can even add images for the minute, hour and second hands (in analog watches). If you feel like being more creative, you could always use Photo Shop to make your images even more customized.


Terminal Watch Face – Geek Joy

Terminal watch face app is adorably geeky, as it simply shows the date and time in green font on the black background- symbolizing a retro command line. Once you tap the watch – the command for the date is re-entered and the information appears once more. It’s a fun watch face to have in stock or recommend to your programmer friends.



Text Watch Face – Read The Time

A rather unconventional, yet stylish way of checking time is reading the words on your watch face instead of numbers. Text Face Watch does just that. I have to admit that in addition to the show-off element, there is something really functional about actually reading time out loud  -maybe it’s just me, but it somehow  seems to sink in better. All I know is that during the week I was using it I was never late or behind a deadline.

Additional benefit is that the text comes in different languages: English, German, French, Dutch. So it may be a good way to pick up some numerical vocabulary for your next trip to Europe.

Text Watch

And if our blogpost inspired you to start looking for a smart watch, feel free to check our Smart Watch Section!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.12.2014. | 21:20
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