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Author xlxmarketing 23.11.2009. | 19:07

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Did you know that if you’re an up-and-coming photographer or model then you could be the star of a Chinavasion product page, a page on a site that gets 7 million visitors a month?

We’ve always tried to take an active part in the online community and if you’re interested in keeping up to date with what’s happening in the Chinavasion community you can always check out:

We’re also well known for being THE source for drop ship vendors and at any given moment one of our products (and the photos for that product) might be on as many as hundreds of gadget sites, eBay pages, online stores and anywhere and everywhere items can be sold.

This makes the product pages a great platform for any up and coming independent artists, photographers and models.

At Chinavasion we’ve started a policy of opening up our product pages for aspiring photographers and models and providing a credited picture which you can put into your portfolio of work.

We can’t offer you money but we do give you the exposure of being put in front of million people.

If you’re wondering what your photos will look like then just take a look at the example below:

Free models example picture Laura copy

If there is enough interest we will also launch a bi-monthly ‘girls of Chinavasion’ blog where we re-post product pictures of up and coming photographers, models and artists.

So, if you’re an up and coming artist, photographer or model that wants a little more online exposure then email us with pictures a brief bio of your band and there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself getting exposure all over the internet.

Author xlxmarketing 23.11.2009. | 19:07
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  1. mohbiz November 27, 23:07

    hi , i am intrested in evrey thing what has to do with chinavasion…

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