How To Look Younger With The Latest Skin Care Gadgets

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My mother has always told me that I should take care of my skin while I’m young. I have to admit that it did not make too much sense to me at the time but as I am approaching my thirties, I’m starting to see her point. No, this blog is not about the importance of listening to your mother (even though that is something to consider), but about how modern technology has made it so much easier to stay young.

Ultrasound Skin Care Machines: Heal You Skin For A Relaxed And Youthful Look

First, don’t get scared of the wording itself. Ultrasound is simply sound waves that can pass through your skin and tissues. The procedure is absolutely painless and, actually, quite pleasant.

Why would you want sound waves to pass through your skin and tissues? Well, there are plenty of reasons.

One of the best effects of ultrasound is that it increases fibroblast activity (fibroblasts are the cells in skin tissue). That’s why it’s commonly used to treat minor wounds and skin damage. Regular ultrasound treatments can make your skin noticeably smoother and deal with blemishes, pimples and other annoyances. So you will actually save money on other cosmetic treatments and pricey lotions.

Have you ever woken up with puffy eyes, which are a pain to cover with make-up? Ultrasound can work wonders for that as well and regular procedures will save you time on getting ready for work in the morning and money, spent on expensive creams.

What’s more, ultrasound waves can heat skin tissue up to 40 degrees Celsius (without you having to sweat it out in the sauna). This warming effect, in turn, speeds up the blood flow (by firing up those fibroblasts) which leads to increased collagen production. And collagen is that magic element, responsible for your skin looking young (that is regrettably lost as we age). 

Infrared Heat Therapy Wands: Get Rid Of Crow’s Feet And Fine Lines 

Infrared heat is light that we’ve come to think of as heat. We can not see it, but we can feel it. Infrared therapy devices use this band of light to create multiple benefits for your skin and general well-being.

One of the key benefits of the therapy is the “detox” effect, as infrared heat helps your body get rid of all the unwanted toxins, restoring your skin’s fresh glowing look. For a lasting and more prominent effect, you should of course pair the light treatment with the right diet and lots of fresh air.

Heat therapy is also one of the most effective ways of battling crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles, that tend to sneak up on us as we get older. As your skin heats up, blood circulation speeds up.

Facial Massagers: Enjoy A Daily Beauty Treatment

Facial massage has to be one of the most pleasant beauty procedures out there. It is relaxing, therapeutic and really, really enjoyable. As most beauty professionals recommend going in for a massage at least once a week, reality often waves this suggestion off with a harsh “no”. Time is of the essence and lengthy beauty procedures can not always make it onto our to-do lists.

Facial massagers are handy little gadgets, that can help you make up the missed “beauty time” without leaving the house. By using micro-vibrations, the massager stimulates the tiny muscles on your face, causing not only pleasant sensations, but also scoring you some beauty points.

The most visible effect of such a procedure is a more defined face contour and a an energetic refill for your skin. If you keep using the massager daily, you should see the effect in a few weeks and your skin may also boast a brighter natural glow.

Additionally, you can use the massager after applying your moisturizer (or other cream) for better absorption.

If you feel that certain areas on your face need a better focus, there are also specialized massagers, that will cater to your problem area: like the areas around the eyes, chin or neckline.

Summing up, we surely have many more ways to keep our skin healthy than our mothers did, and thus – much fewer excuses to not do it. It’s not about the race against age, but rather about “marching in line” with it, learning about ourselves and simply not being lazy. And listening to our mothers, of course.

We are happy to invite you to do some beauty gadget browsing in our Personal Health Section.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.12.2014. | 15:07
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