Friday FAQ’s, Sea Shipping, Buying Spare Accessories And Two WiFi Phones Compared

Author xlxmarketing 20.11.2009. | 12:39

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It’s been a busy week for us here at Chinavasion.

We’ve added a few more WiFi Phones, HD car DVD players and even a WiFi capable car DVD player.

We also got a lot of questions and we are answering some of the more common ones below so the whole world can see.

So read on as we tackle sea shipping, buying accessories and a comparison between the thunder (CVCN-M60 and the Odyssey (CVDQ-M56).

Can you provide cheaper air container or sea container shipping if I buy in bulk quantity?

Absolutely! The bigger wholesale quantity you order, especially above 200kg, the better the per-kg shipping prices. Bulk ordering is usually the best way to get the cheapest landed cost for your items.

In Chinavasion, our standard shipping is through courier companies, like UPS, DHL, and FedEx. But sometimes, for really good rates you need to use a freight forwarder.

A freight forwarder is a company based in your own country that arranges bulk shipments for cheaper prices than those offered by courier companies, due to the volume of shipments they handle.

If you can find a shipping forwarder in your local area first, that will make things much easier.

Most shipping forwarders operate through a global network with offices around the world. Generally speaking, if you can find a shipping forwarder in your local area, we can find its branch office in either Shenzhen, or Hong Kong, as the twin cities are now the major logistics centre in the world. And as the company operates from both your and our location, this means they can provide a much more competitive quote than other shipping forwarders.

So if you have a shipping forwarder in mind get in contact with us at and we will work with you to arrange shipment with them

Can I order an extra battery/charger/SD card from you when I buy an item?

While we do normally supply things like spare batteries and styluses it is to buy extra. To do this you need to do two things:

  1. contact us by submitting a ticket or emailing us at and tell us the code number of the item that you want the accessory for and the item you want. Like this for example:

  2. Add a comment when you place the order stating the accessory you need and the item code and supplement the payment in paypal

What’s the difference between the Thunder and the Odyssey WiFi phones?


The Odyssey and Thunder side by side

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about what’s the difference between these two great phones.

Basically not a lot. Visually, each one has its distinctive design and each has tons of followers.

One note, The Odyssey does have bigger action buttons on the front, but bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Another key difference point is that, though both share the same chipset, there is a small difference with the firmware. How small? Negligible really.

When it comes down to it, it’s about which phone looks better to you.

Product Review


Road King 7 Inch High-Def Car DVD Player with GPS and DVB-T [CVGX-C39]

Road King, so called because it IS the king of the road.

This great car DVD flew up the best seller list as soon at was launch, which came as no surprise considering its DVB-T receiver, its HD display and its GPS capabilities.

But with popularity comes many questions. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Road King:

You mentioned that the screen resolution for this unit is 800 x 480 pixels versus conventional car DVD player system which has 480 x 234 resolution. In plain English, what does that do for me?

Well think about it like this. Remember when you used to use those chunky old cathode ray tube computer monitors. That’s like existing car DVD systems. Then they came out with those really thin LCD monitors where the picture was brilliant like Albert Einstein? That’s the Road King!

You mentioned that this product is compatible with iPods. Which versions will it work with?

We tested iPod compatibility using a 3rd generation iPod Nano 4GB.

Your car DVD players are great, but the user manuals could use some improvement. Any suggestions there?

A lot of work has been put into making this user manual user friendly. The thing is though, this car DVD system is very intuitive so we’re pretty sure you probably won’t even need to read the user manual.

Does this cool in-car total solution support the Greek language?

While the main menu system does not support the Greek language, the DVB-T system does however support the Greek language. What’s more, if your GPS software comes in Greek then the GPS “Voice” and “Text” will be in Greek.

Most popular GPS software titles come in a variety of languages. As for media playback with Greek subtitles, we suggest you download free software from the web to hardsub your Greek subtitles to your AVI files for video playback.

Is the magnetic base of the GPS antenna strong enough to be placed on a moving car?

Yes, the antenna comes with a very powerful magnet. It’ll stay stuck on despite the rockiest ride.

What GPS software comes with this car navigation powerhouse? Is it Route 66?

Evaluation GPS software is included, but purchasing your own GPS software is encouraged.

Seriously, why should I buy the Road King over other car DVD players?

Seriously improved screen resolution, serious response speed and all the features you’ll ever need from an in car system: dual zone functionality, support for steering wheel control and tire pressure monitoring systems, and you can even toggle the safe line (watching DVDs while the car is in motion) ON and OFF.

What is PTY?

A PTY search is a search for radio channels of certain program types like news and classical music. It also provides automatic tuning in the event of an emergency broadcast.

What is AF?

AF stands for Alternative Frequencies which allows a radio receiver to re-tune to a different frequency providing the same station (if available) when the first signal becomes too weak.

What is a Local/DX switch?

Local/DX controls the search sensitivity.

For a bigger list of questions visit the Chinavasion FAQ page or to ask your own question leave a comment to this blog (provided you don’t mind the whole world knowing about it).

We’ll answer them here and, if they’re good enough we may even re-publish them in a future Friday FAQ.

Author xlxmarketing 20.11.2009. | 12:39
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