Cell Phone Use 101: How To Change Language Settings On Phones

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.11.2009. | 17:48


By Michael Wong

Don’t you hate it when somebody gets into your phone’s settings and ‘accidentally’ changes the settings so that they’re in some obscure language, like Latin, Ancient Egyptian or Klingon.

Thankfully, if you’re dealing with a phone from China in most cases go about things in a similar way and usually use either the MediaTek 6225 chipset or the MediaTek 6235 chipset. So, there are some things that will be in the same place (one of them being the language setting).

So without further ado here is how you can change your phone from Klingon to English (or your native language) without knowing any Klingon.

On pretty well every phone I’ve ever come across, the function to change languages is in PHONE SETUP. And PHONE SETUP is always in SETTINGS. And the SETTINGS icon on the main menu always looks like some wheel or cog which is basically as a metaphor for the inner workings of a product, er the settings, it could also be represented by the picture of some type of tool (like a spanner or a screwdriver).

settings buttons copy

Common settings buttons

So visually locate the SETTINGS icon, press on the 4th menu item which is usually PHONE SETUP, and then press on the 3rd menu item which is usually LANGUAGE. Once you’re there, you’ll see your own language and you can set it as your default.

Another instance of needing to change languages occurs when you do a factory reset. Factory resets of Chinese phones always takes the phone back to Chinese.

Once you turn it on after a reset, the first thing it will prompt you to do is calibrate the screen. Then follow the instructions I provided above to change the language.

And that’s it. Your phone is now immune to any ‘hilarious joke’ that your friends might want to play on it on April first.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.11.2009. | 17:48
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  1. Osterne November 18, 18:16

    Thank you very much for your article on cell phones from china,

    I hava a mini phone, which is very nice and handsome, and a lot of dificulty with it becouse it does not have a manual.

    Do you know if there Is on-line instructions in english?

  2. Josemar November 23, 23:22

    I want to know how the process of reselling products or how I should proceed to buy the product on the website chinavasion.com so that you dispatch directly at my client in Brazil?

  3. Terry December 7, 14:51

    Can the calibration be bypassed?

  4. Samuel Norville January 26, 21:27

    It appears there is a major malfunction with this phone…all the icons are dancing…when the SETTING icon is pressed the Java screen is High lighted…all icons appear to be out of order..But when the Java icon is pressed the setting icon is high lighted…there are no drop down menu to work with…

  5. Avinash May 29, 02:02

    Hey Michael Wong begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting you rock man!!
    You helped me a lot!
    Thank God!
    Thank you Michael…
    Thanks again!
    It worked on my phone even though the setting menu is showing a different Icon…
    It was fourth option and then third as you mentioned!

  6. Thom June 10, 02:37

    Hi guys anyone knows how to work the Opera mini browser. I have the Orion and it does not seem to work. Thom

  7. MUHAMMAD arshad June 12, 15:13

    some of my phone’s applications are in korean language, how can i change it

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