Upgrade Your Kitchen: Cooking Gadgets From Chinavasion

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.11.2014. | 20:30

Cooking at home does not have to be a scene from Hell’s Kitchen episode. It can be fun, easy and bring you spectacular results. Especially, if you have the right gadgetry.

Wireless Cooking Thermometer

Wireless_Cooking_Thermometer_eGemp4gx.jpg.thumb_400x400 (1)

We all want to feel like 5-star chef in our own kitchens, and now we actually can.Wireless cooking thermometer will allow you to cook steak and other time-sensitive dishes to perfection, leaving your house guests in awe of your culinary skills.

Cooking will also be a tad less nerve-racking , as the cooking thermometer will allow you to check and set temperatures from up to 30 metres away, meaning you can freely move around the apartment and not be stuck by the stove.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermometer will alert you vocally. And then all that’s left is to take all the credit for a beautifully cooked meal.

Electric Pepper Grinder


Not that grinding pepper is a particularly straining task, but wouldn’t it be cool to do it with one hand and a single press of a button?

Electric stainless steel pepper grinder does just that thanks to the automatic ceramic grinding mechanism. You can easily grind pepper, sea salt, mustard seeds, cinnamon and other spices. To top it off, the grinder is equipped with an LED light, lighting up your dish to make sure you dispense the spices evenly.

 Far Infrared Electric Ceramic Cooker Panel


Cook your meals fast and easy with the electric ceramic cooking panel. Lightweight and easily fitted onto your kitchen surface it will not take too much counter space and, unlike a gas stove, you can move it around whenever you want. The 2000 W output ensures your food is cooked perfectly. The panel can also be used as a cutting board (when it’s turned off and has cooled down), so you can cut your meat and vegetables right there before moving on to the cooking stage. Thanks to the accompanying attachments, you can turn the panel into a grill at any time. Once the cooking is done, just wipe it off and you are good to go till the next meal time.

Electric Yogurt Maker

SKG_TNA_01A_branded_Electric_3qQof33i.jpg.thumb_400x400 (1)

 Yoghurt is a light, healthy and delicious snack. So there really is no reason not to have more of it. Especially, since now you can make as much as you want right in your own kitchen! This electric yoghurt maker will get you 1.2 litres of custom-made fresh healthy yoghurt in just a few easy steps.The best thing is that you can create any flavours you like and know

The best thing is that you can create any flavours you like and know exactly what you are eating, not having to worry about additives, food colourings, preservatives and other unwelcome substances. You can now start your day with a cup of fresh home-made yoghurt and even take some along to the office to “wow” your colleagues and boss!


Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.11.2014. | 20:30
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