How To Keep Your Phone Safe In Cold Winter

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.11.2014. | 23:39


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As the first winter month is only a few days away, we are rightfully getting ready for holidays. However, do not let one important fact slip your mind: together with holiday cheer and Santa hats, winter may bring along below-zero temperatures, howling winds and other weather mishaps.

And while you may have already stocked up on sweaters and scarves, don’t forget that your phone may also be in need of some special winter treatment.

Battery Drain

One of the most common effects of cold weather is battery drain. You may notice that your phone is losing charge quicker than usual. Or, you battery icon may show that your device is full of power and then it will go dead suddenly.

Tip: in especially cold weather, carry a power bank. If your phone stops working suddenly, wait till you get into a warmer place before turning it back on. Once

Screen Problems

Touch screens are most susceptible to cold weather and may also cause you a bit of trouble.

Firstly, if the weather really gets cold, you may want ti put on gloves. They will keep your hands warm but will also prevent you from interacting with your touch screen (as it depends on your body’s ability to conduct electricity to work).

Tip: you can get special conducive glass that get a response from your screen int eh same way your fingers can or carry a stylus. One more solution is to stop wearing gloves, but this is not something we would recommend.

Internal and external damage

Devices left in the cold for a long time may suffer from exterior and interior problems. Freezing temperatures can make your phone’s surface more prone to cracking, especially its glass elements – and there have been reports of the glass in some models shattering in extreme cold.

Internally, your phone is also fragile when it gets too cold and may suffer permanent damage. This is why we recommend you follow the additional precautions below.

Additional precautions

When you are outside in cold weather, try to keep your phone close to your body (pocket or handbag), so that it can use some of your heat to stay warm. Alternatively, you can get a special winter case, that will regulate your phone’s temperature.

To limit your phone’s exposure to direct cold, try using Bluetooth headphones, so that you don’t have to take the phone out of your pocket or bag. With Bluetooth headphones, you can take calls without physically involving your phone.

Do not leave your phone in the car or any other remote and cold location, especially in “sleep mode”.

Keep your phone away from the snow. So when you are skiing or shoveling the driveway, make sure your phone is safely stored away or is in a protective case. In addition to cold, snow can lead to water damage in your phone. (If this happens, do refer to our earlier blog How To Save A Wet Phone).

Happy Winter!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.11.2014. | 23:39
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