The Powerlace Self Lacing Shoe

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.11.2014. | 18:00

Just last month we wrote about the first real hover board and even mentioned other technologies seen in the cult ‘Back to the Future’ films such as self lacing shoes from Nike. Well it appears the people at Nike are no longer alone with their ambition to deliver the self lacing foot ware to market.

Canadian start up, Powerlace is seeking support on Kickstarter and appear to have come up with a neat self lacing shoe that uses no motors, gears springs or power supply, just cleaver ingenious design.

The shoes utilize a very tough durable lace that has a breaking strength of 250lbs, so they shouldn’t be wearing out any time soon. This strong lace is tightened by the pressure of your foot as it enters the shoe and presses down on the self lacing mechanism that’s built in to the heal. The tension is then locked in place but remains easily adjustable. When you wish to remove the shoes you just flick a small leaver on the rear of the trainers and the tension from the laces is released.


These shoes are breathable, have a waterproof outer yet are also washable, this means that in wet or hot conditions your feet can breathe and will remain dry from humidity and sweat. You can read more about the Powerlace shoe and the Canadian company behind it on their Kickstarter page where a pledge of 195 Canadian dollars ensures you will be one of the first people with this striking new footwear.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.11.2014. | 18:00
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  1. Sanjay Kumar Gupta November 28, 18:50

    Very nice innovation….!!! I liked the concept of Power Lace Self Lacing Shoes…!!! I wish, I would have it…!!! Don’t know above costing yet…!!!

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