I Dropped My Cell Phone In Water! How To Save A Wet Phone

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There may be a number of reasons for your phone to wind up soaked in water. Taking a picture in the swimming pool, making a call in a bath or dropping it into your morning coffee (all real stories, by the way) may very well do the trick. The key question is: what do you do after? Here are a few easy steps to give your phone a better chance of surviving the unfortunate swim.

Step 1: The obvious initial step is to take the phone out of the water. But hold on a second! If your phone is connected to the charger, make absolutely sure to turn off the power supply before taking any further action.

Step 2: After removing your phone from the water, remove the battery. It’s important that you do it as soon as possible, as this may save the circuits inside your phone.

Step 3: Check for water damage. Look for a small white square next to where the battery was. If the square is white – there was no serious damage to your phone. However, if you see red lines on it, or it is entirely pink or red – uh-oh – there is water damage.

Step 4: Take the SIM card out. Typically, your SIM card would not be too sensitive to water and it should be ok. But don’t forget to pat it dry with some tissue paper.

Step 5: “Undress” your phone completely: remove ear buds, slot covers, cases – so that all the slots are open for air drying.

Step 6: Dry out your phone carefully. Making sure not a single droplet of water is left is the key to saving your device from damage. Clean your phone with a soft towel or cloth. You can also use rubbing alcohol, which will displace the water and help with damage control.

Step 7: Even though it might seem like a viable plan – never use a hair dryer to dry your phone. A strong flow of hot air may chase the remaining water deeper into the phone to the electrical components– which would cause complete failure.

Instead, try using a vacuum cleaner to suck the water out of the device or a fan – to let air circulate over the phone and slowly dry it out. CAUTION: do not use the vacuum cleaner to0 close to the phone, as it may create static electricity (which is even worse than water).

Step 8: You’ve probably heard about putting your phone in a bag of rice. The idea behind the plan is simple: rice grains will absorb the remaining moisture in the phone. This method is cheap and easy as pie. However, if the rice does absorb the liquid well, you may find your phone stuck in rice porridge and risk having the previously helpful grains of rice invading your phone’s I/O ports.

For a more professional approach, try keeping around a few bags of synthetic desiccants (that stuff you find in shoe boxes). Place your phone in a plastic bag with desiccants, seal the bag and let them take in all the moisture. Even though it is tempting to grab a few from the old shoebox – we suggest you use new ones (you can buy desiccants in any craft store), as the ones in the shoebox may well have reached their absorption capacity.

Step 9: After removing the phone from rice or desiccant, place it on absorbent towels and wait. A good idea would be to leave your phone there overnight, so you can be absolutely sure that the moisture is gone.

Step 10: Test your phone. Turn it on and keep an eye out for anything unusual. If your phone is completely dry, and yet unwilling to work – try plugging it into the charger without the battery. If it works – hit the shops for a new battery.

Step 11: After going through this nerve-racking ordeal, you may want to purchase a protective phone case for your device. Luckily there is no shortage of options when it comes to waterproof, shock-proof and dust-proof casing. Alternatively if you’re looking for a phone you can use in or near water then check out  Chinavassion range or Rugged Phones as many of them have IP waterproof ratings.

Good Luck!

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.11.2014. | 12:23
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    What about a phone with a sealed battery

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