5 Ways To Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.11.2014. | 20:45

Uh Oh

What we can do with our smartphones today is truly amazing. The calling function seems to have stepped into the background, as what we are carrying in our pockets are complete entertainment centres – watching videos, browsing the Internet, navigating, playing games and so much more…It’s very hard to put the phone down these days. So most of us only do it when we have to – that is, when the battery dies.

Yes, enjoying a full spectrum of fun features does come at a price. With larger and brighter screens, thinner and lighter designs and all the media capabilities, our phones seem to be running out of battery quicker than ever.

Follow the tips below to make sure you get the most of your phone’s battery life and don’t get stranded phoneless, when you actually have to make a call.

Check Your Communication Tools

Having lots of communication tools on your phone is great! But make sure you are only activating the ones you are currently using. Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS or NFC can eat away at your battery without you even noticing.

So tap the upper right icon on your home screen and you will see all the communications tools at work. Toggle off the ones you are not using constantly – f.e., do not keep Wi-fi on if you are not in the range of any network. Should you need them again, just toggle them back on.

Airplane mode is a good way to turn off all communication in one go. Meant for use on the plane, it is also a great way to save battery and avoid calls during a meeting, conference call or whenever you are running low on battery.

Use Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode is the obvious and helpful tool to control CPU and screen power when you see that you are running low on battery. Just go to Settings and scroll down to Power Saving Mode and set it to On.

Adjust Your Screen

Work with your screen. By quickly tweaking a few settings you will be able to get a better control of your battery life.

For instance, go to Settings>Display>Brightness. You can then uncheck “Automatic Brightness” and adjust it manually, keeping in mind that the lower brightness is, the less battery you will be using.

Additionally, consider altering screen timeout options (dimming the screen when inactive) to save battery. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Screen Timeout. You can then choose between different time period options for the screen to dim. Note the “Smart Stay” function – it prevents the screen from timing out when you are using your phone.

Uninstall Unnecessary Stuff

Take a close look at your phone, or rather the selection of apps on it. Are you using each and every one of them? Surely, keeping a few old apps on your phone does not seem like a huge deal. But the truth is, much more may be going on in the background: updates, self-replicating, new feature uploads and more. All of these seemingly small things may be quietly chowing down on your battery life. So nip all the unnecessary activity in the bud by uninstalling all the apps that you are not using.

There’s An App For That

Yes, the market is full of applications catering specifically to extending your Android’s battery life. Apps like Battery Doctor will tell you exactly what’s going on with your battery, how it’s being used up and help take the necessary action.

Alternatively you can download a comprehensive app like Clean Master, which will keep track of all the processes on your device and stop the ones that are using too may resources, like battery or memory.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.11.2014. | 20:45
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