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Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.11.2014. | 23:55

To make sure your phone performs at its best and thrills you with quickly performing all commands, giving it a regular “clean-up” is necessary, Yes, you may be careful with your internal storage and take care to uninstall all the apps you are not using, but once the app has entered your device, it will generate all sorts of data, traces of which may be left behind even after uninstallation.

Fortunately, there are some handy apps to help you keep your phone running smoothly and at full capacity.

AVG Cleaner

AVG cleaner is one of the best tools for clearing some storage space on your device. Erasing browsing, email and Play Store history, AVG Cleaner will get your device to high efficiency in no time. You can also let the application take over the whole process by scheduling it to run automatically and use it to uninstall apps.

AVG Cleaner

SD Maid

This aptly named app is no joking matter and caters to advanced Android users, willing to root their phones. Thanks higher complexity, the app allows you to clean up lots of storage space and even manage system apps. Caution is required when playing around with SD Maid, because of its advanced capabilities and junk removal powers.

SD Maid_2

Clean Master

Clean Master is a comprehensive power kit to clean, optimize and maintain your phone. Like a true master, the app will help you deal with cache files, search history, uninstalling apps, residual files and more. If you notice that your device is running low on internal storage, you can use the ever-so-helpful Clean App Cache module to clean up all the files of this sort created by the numerous apps on your phone.

Clean Mater_1

 Advanced Task Manager

The main feature of the app is clearly managing tasks. So you will be able to see the list of all currently running tasks and play God by ruthlessly killing some of them. In this way, you’ll save memory, battery and help you phone operate faster. Additionally, every time you screen off, Advance Task Manager will stop all tasks. It comes with a battery manager (giving you useful battery stats and helping use it wisely) and an uninstaller (to get rid of unwanted apps quickly and efficiently)



App Cache Cleaner

If you install and uninstall apps frequently, you may find cache files to be the biggest factor in slowing down your phone’s performance.

App Cache cleaner is the useful tool to help you solve this problem by getting rid of all cache files  in one clean sweep and clearing up lots of storage and memory. By using it regularly, you will find yourself getting fewer and fewer “low memory” notifications.



Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.11.2014. | 23:55
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