New Rideables On Chinavasion: Electric Portable Folding Scooter

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.11.2014. | 22:43

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With the recent advances in rideable technology, you now have endless options for quick, safe and environmentally-friendly travel. Electric transportation, like Uni Wheel or Mountain Board  are slowly and surely winning more and more people over, especially when it comes to short distances and beating traffic.

E-Scooter is a new addition to the family, combining all the benefits of hi-tech transportation in a sleek organic portable form with impressive capabilities.

Traffic jams are no longer a threat if you have an alternative jam-evading means of transportation and environmental guilt will not darken your sunny days if you have a speedy and stylish electric device at your service.

It is perfect for the big city and a small town alike and is a great way to add some fun to your daily commute. Since the scooter can be folded down, it is easy to bring along on the train or subway or store under your desk at work, where it can recharge within a few hours.

The 8800mAh battery allows the scooter to travel for up to 35 kmph and the handlebar height is adjustable, letting you take that journey in comfort. A powerful 250W motor makes sure you get to your destination in no time, as E-Scooter can reach the speed of up to 25 kmph.

Minor hills on the way will not stop you, as E-Scooter has sufficient torque power to handle inclines of up to 15 degrees and an easy-to-use rear brake will make sure you will skillfully navigate the morning traffic.

All in all, we highly recommend you leave your car keys at home, hop on and ride into the future on a light, clean, fun transportation device.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.11.2014. | 22:43
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  1. lopezexpert December 2, 17:20

    The NextDrive electric scooter is currently the World’s lightest electric scooter weighing in at an astounding 6.5kg! Thats almost as light as some manual kick scooters. We had a ride on it for 15km and though the ride was rough as can be expected from its 5 inch wheels, the flexibility of the carbon fiber deck did absorb alot of the vibration. The motor was surprisingly strong too and gentle slopes were not a problem with our 70-80kg body load.lightweight electric scooter

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