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Author xlxmarketing 4.11.2009. | 15:35

If you’ve just entered the world of ecommerce you’ll first want to look at how you can sell your products.

There are about as many online sites as things to sell with eBay, Yahoo shopping and your own online store powered by such programs as OSCommerce and Zen Cart being just a couple of options.

This makes getting clear, correct easily understood information is a little hard, especially when those who know the most are often the least able to express their knowledge clearly in a language that will be understood by everybody.

So Chinavasion will be running a series on the different ecommerce software / platform options available to you, go through how they work and talk about their benefits and problems.

Auctiva Commerce


If you’re looking at the less work intensive but more cash intensive way into ecommerce then Auctiva Commerce could be another option alongside Yahoo Shopping.

While it doesn’t have the same traffic throughput as the Yahoo shopping/small business/store site Auctiva does give you a month to try it out for free and a fairly low monthly subscription rate of US$9.95 (compared to $39 a month with Yahoo)

Auctiva charges it’s transaction fees based on your monthly earnings as well and, while initially looking steep, could work out fairly low if the site’s calculations are to be believed.

Auctiva_commerce pricing

The site itself is an extension to Auctiva’s eBay listing tools.

The ecommerce service company started charging for the previously free tools at the start of the year. An action which created a lot of anger and it is trying to regain the trust of sellers.

For example listing tools for eBay and other online auction sites come at a discount and the managers of the Auctiva Commerce site claims it will do off-site advertising for sellers.

Most business for Auctiva comes from the US but there is also traffic from India, Australia and the UK.

So, as you can see, Auctiva Commerce may be a good option alongside Yahoo Shopping if you’re looking for a fairly easy entry point and you aren’t adverse to spend a little money to do it.

OSCommerce, Zen Cart, Auctiva and Yahoo shopping will be facing off in a no hold’s barred royal rumbleTM shopping cart review so be sure to let us know what you think of these systems by leaving a comment in the blog and taking part in the poll below.

Auctiva Commerce Summary


  • Name: Auctiva Commerce
  • Number Visitors: 40,540 U.S. visitors per month According to
  • Set-Up Cost:0
  • Monthly Cost:US$9.95
  • Transaction Cost:5% per month
  • Customizationability:Quite customizable
  • Support
  • Software Requirements: None
  • Find At:

How Do You Sell Things Online?


Author xlxmarketing 4.11.2009. | 15:35
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