How To Personalize Your Android Phone

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Personalized Phone


One of the best things about Android operating system is the scope of customization it allows: from uploading new wallpapers to changing your homescreen icons – you are in control of how your phone looks and operates.With these few easy steps, you can re-design your Android’s appearance and make your phone a better reflection of who you are.

For Ultimate Personalization Experience – Download A Launcher App

The first and a rather comprehensive step in personalizing your phone is to download a launcher app (like Nova Launcher), which allows you to change a number of default settings, like the size and looks of your icons, adding and removing homescreens, changing how scrolling works and more. There are basic and advanced versions of launchers, depending on how deep of a change you are envisioning.

Start with the basics and go on exploring. Don’t worry about making mistakes too. You can always go back to the original state by uninstalling the app.

Download And Install New Icons

In Android OS, you can make your icons into anything you want. A simple way to do that is to download Icon Changer Free. This app will simplify the process of changing your icons (without the need for a launcher), but will not alter any other default settings.

You can then go to Google Play Store and download icon packs to your liking. 

Create Your Own Icons

Alternatively, you can even create your own icons. For that you will need a web tool, called Android Icon Generator. Simply upload the pictures you’d like to turn into icons and resize them accordingly. Save the finished image on your PC, connect your phone and move the icon into your Gallery. Your custom-made icon is ready.

Change Your App Drawer

So you already know how to change the icons on your homescreen. However, without rooting your device, you will not be able to do the same for app drawer icons.

One solution is to replace the app drawer altogether with a more customization-friendly option. Once again – there’s an app for that! You can try Organized Drawer or App Drawer. You may find that your will also have to download a launcher app in advance to enable the switch. Once you’ve successfully downloaded the replacement drawer – just drag and drop it. As for the default drawer, you may want to drag it to an empty space on your screen or delete it completely.

Take Control Of Your Notifications

If you find multiple notification messages popping up on your screen annoying, there is a way around it. Just go to Settings>Apps. Find the app you don’t want to receive notifications from. Tap on it to open the options menu. See that big Force Stop button on the left? Now look below – you will see Show Notifications box. Go ahead and uncheck it.

Note: The feature is available on devices with Android 4.1 higher. For earlier versions, you can download one of the many notification management apps from Google Store, like Notification Toggle.

Work On Your Widgets

You can give your phone a different look by tweaking your widgets. Apps like Zooper offer a variety of styles for old and familiar weather and clock widgets and you can also change colours, fonts, positions and more, making it an almost DIY experience.

Go Back To Default Settings

This is just a tip of the iceberg and if you are truly committed to personalizing your phone – sky is the limit as to how far you can go. However, there may come a time when you and your phone are parting ways and then you may want to return it to its original look. It’s time to reset your phone.

To do this, open your Settings Menu and go to Backup & Reset. Choose Reset To Factory Settings.

You may shed a tear or two when you see all the awesome tweaks disappearing into nowhere. But now that you have explored what your Android device can truly offer in terms of personalization – don’t stop there.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.11.2014. | 23:46
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