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Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.11.2014. | 19:26

After running around at work, going to the gym and getting ready for the next day, you might logically assume that once your head hits the pillow you will be fast off to dreamland. But there are days when that simply does not happen. And then you might need some extra help from your friendly Android phone and a great selection of apps for better sleep.

Yoga for Insomnia

One of the best ways to fall asleep soundly and quickly is yoga. But if you don’t fancy getting out of bed and paying an emergency visit to the local yoga studio, we suggest you download Yoga For Insomnia. The app offers Hatha yoga practices for better breathing, stretching, relaxation and, subsequently, sleep. Add to that soothing tunes and illustrations of yoga poses – and you are all set for your own private session.

Yoga For Insomnia


Sleepmaker Rain

Isn’t it nice falling asleep to the gentle sound of rain hitting tree leaves outside or more brazen noise of an approaching thunderstorm? Close your eyes and you get carried away to a remote tropical paradise, gently rocked to sleep by nature’s most soothing sounds.
Sleepmaker Rain even allows you to choose the type of rain you want to fall asleep to and you can imagine you are in a different season every time.

 Sleepmaker rain

Sleep As Android

Sleep As Android is an all-in-one comprehensive sleep tracking system, that will observe, analyze and tell you all you need to know about your sleep patterns. The app will also use your phone’s sensors to learn how you move through the night and will try to find the most appropriate moment in your sleep cycle for the alarm to go off. You can also record your sleep sounds to fight off any snoring accusations or to hear if you mumble in your sleep.

Sleep As Android

Relax Melodies: Oriental Meditation

Great for both – sleep and meditation – the app has a nice selection of traditional and relaxing Asian melodies, like Chinese flute, harp and more. You can make your own sound mixes and control the volume. Relax Melodies is a good choice for any time you need a quick Zen moment or are settling in for a deep sleep.

Relax Melodies


Sleep Music

If you are not a fan of rain, Chinese flute or the sounds of cracking fire and prefer to fall asleep to the tranquilizing tunes of Iron Maiden – download Sleep Music – an app that allows you to play your own tracks and will gradually lower the volume as you drift off. This feature is really helpful as you won’t have to bother fiddling with your phone once you feel you are ready to sleep.

Relax Sleep

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.11.2014. | 19:26
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