Shopping Cart Comparisons, Yahoo Shopping Review

Author xlxmarketing 26.10.2009. | 19:46

If you’re new to the world of ecommerce one of the first things you’ll want to look at is which way you want to sell your products.

Be it through eBay, Yahoo shopping or your own online store powered by such programs as OSCommerce and Zen Cart.

However getting clear, correct easily understood information is a little hard when the people who know the most of it tend to talk to you like you know the same amount too.

So Chinavasion will be running a series on the different ecommerce software / platform options available to you, go through how they work and talk about their benefits and problems.

Yahoo Shopping


OSCommerce and Zen Cart might have beginners guides but if you’re not ready to jump into the world of PHP, css and HTML just yet then they can be a little unnerving.

Enter Yahoo Shopping.

While we took a very quick look at Yahoo Shopping on our page of alternatives to eBay this will be a more comprehensive guide.

While it might be more commonly known as Yahoo Shopping the actual name of this service depends on who you talk to. Yahoo! Small Business and Yahoo! Store are other possibilities for what the service might be called.

If there were a scale for difficulty of management Yahoo Shopping would be on the opposite end from Zen Cart and OSCommerce.

In fact, for the most part setting up your shop, choosing the design and uploading products just involves the same level of pointing, clicking and writing that this generation of YouTube and Facebook users have become familiar with.

With the shopping-store-small business system Yahoo! provides:

  • An “unlimited bandwidth” hosting service
  • Help with the site design
  • Access to discounted advertising via Yahoo Shopping paste this link into your browser for more information:
  • Free access to the Yahoo shopping cart system (think Yahoo’s PayPal)
  • Analytics

But this ease of use all comes with a cost, and in this case the cost is a US$50 start-up fee, a 1.5% transaction fee and a monthly merchant start up fee of US $39.

So, as you can see, Yahoo Shopping may be the best option for people trying to get into the business who need a fairly easy entry point and who aren’t adverse to spend a little money to do it.

And stay tuned because we will be going over the following systems in the next few weeks:

  • Auctiva

Yahoo! Shopping Summary


  • Name: Yahoo! Shopping
  • Number Merchants: 3,000 in 1998, so will be much higher now
  • Set-Up Cost:US$50
  • Monthly Cost:US$39
  • Transaction Cost:1.5%
  • Customizationability:Quite customizable
  • Support
  • Software Requirements: None
  • Find At:

Author xlxmarketing 26.10.2009. | 19:46
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