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Why are the most fun things in life so expensive?

Regardless of whether you’re a gamer a gadget hound, an outdoors person or a petrol head there’s always more cool stuff for you to buy than there are discounts in the world.

There’s always good deals at wholesale electronics shops like Chinavasion but they run on a ‘the more you buy the more you save’ deal.

level up

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If you’re an end consumer, and not considering selling stuff online, it can sometimes seem frivolous to have that much swag, especially in this day and age.

One solution to this particular problem is a buying club.

What Is A Buying Club?


A buying club is a group of people who have gotten together to use their bulk purchasing power to secure the lowest price possible on the item they want to buy.

Think of it this way, if you go to the local motorcycle shop and wish to purchase a popular new sports motorbike, you will get a pretty standard price from the dealer, say for this discussion it is the list price of $30,000.

And lets say for the sake of argument that the dealers profit on this model is $5000.

Now, lets say that you came to the dealer with two other people and offered to pay $27,500, which means the dealers profit is only $2500. Yes, you have cut his profit in half, but by giving him three sales he has now made $7500 instead of $5000, still a big win for him!

Is it really that easy? Yes, it can be!

But what are the benefits of setting up a buying club for online purchases?

Online Buying Clubs


Ecommerce businesses are just as likely to give you better deals for ordering in bulk than making single orders as bricks and mortar stores, if not more so.

Take Chinavasion for example, where our level up program rewards people for the amount of money they spend.

If you are just shopping for yourself then it can take some time for you to reach the necessary targets to be a level two, level three and level four customers where you can make some real savings.

But, if you’re shopping for two then that time is halved, three cut to a third… and so on.

And, because your ‘group’ is purchasing in different orders then members can be spread all over the city.

How Do You Set Up A Buying Club?


Setting up buying clubs online differ on whether you plan on shopping at different locations, or if you want to just shop at one site like Chinavasion.

Setting Up A Buying Club For One Site


When setting up buying club for one site all you need to do is to find a site that you want to center your buying club round and then look for people who want to buy from their site.

Friends, colleagues and family members are great to go to first.

Just remember you want people to join who you can trust to pay you for the purchases they make and who will trust you to make the purchases for them.

Setting Up A Buying Club For More Than One Place


1 – Pick the items you are interested in buying.
It should be higher priced item that is not sold in large quantities by the store you choose. For example, cars, boats, motorcycles, designer watches, and refrigerators are items that are perfect for bulk group purchasing.

2 – Find other buyers.
These days, the internet is the perfect tool to help group people together with shared interests, including buying something.

Social networking sites like Facebook as well as Craigslist, forums, hobby bulletin boards, and even company intranets are all great places to find other people who are going to also be making the same purchase.

For best results, these people should live in the same town, though this is not always necessary as long as people can meet up later when it is time to divvy up the product.

3 – Shop for the best price.
As we noted before, by giving a dealer three or four sales versus one, they can still make a lot of money even when they have to cut their normal profit down by half.

You need to carefully educate to the dealer the offer you are giving him, multiple sales in exchange for a better price.

This works best when there are multiple dealers to choose from.

4 – Set up the order.
Once you have the price negotiated then you need to arrange to get everyone together and you can go make your purchase.

Make sure everyone can pay on the spot, the last thing you want is one squirrel to change his mind or end up having no money or credit to nut your carefully negotiated deal.

Should I Pay Money To Join A Buying Club?


In one word, no!

Unfortunately there have been many scam artists that have set up some so-called ‘buying clubs’ that don’t provide their members with anything more than a membership card.

The card might make an excellent bookmark but it won’t bring you any discounts.

In fact tread carefully if you are asked to join any buying clubs where you don’t know at least one of the members.

Be creative, other products such as services and low volume sales items also work great such as high priced service contracts, furniture, gym membership, KTV and hotels can also be savings targets.

As long as you create a win-win situation – the sky is the limit!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.10.2009. | 18:56
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