An Easy Guide To Blocking Phone Numbers On Your Samsung Phone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.11.2014. | 10:14

If you are getting unwanted attention on your Samsung phone, then here’s an easy guide on how to block phone numbers and phone calls.

blocking text messages on samsung phone - add to reject list

Method 1: Blocking Phone Numbers In Your Contacts

Add the contact that you want to block to your list of contacts (in case he/she isn’t in your contacts yet). Afterwards you open the contact and press the menu icon. Then you select the “Add to reject list”. See the image above.

Method 2: Blocking Phone Numbers Through Your Text Messages History

The second way is even easier. Simply open the text message, tap the menu icon and select “Add to Spam Numbers”.

Method 3: Manage Auto Reject List

The last method, and maybe the most clean way to do it is to add and manage the contacts directly in your auto reject list. Here’s how: on the home screen press the menu icon, then press “Settings” –> “Call Settings” –> “Call Rejection” –> add and remove numbers.

Note: You can always unblock someone using the same interface. Do you know any more methods? The above guide should work for most Samsung phones including the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, S3 Mini, S4 Mini Legend, and Galaxy Mega.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.11.2014. | 10:14
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  1. raghuveer March 22, 14:03

    thnk u its very useful for me

  2. Hugh August 24, 02:53

    On my S3, I just press and hold the phone number in my phone’s “Recent Calls” list. Choose “Add to Reject List” and I’m done.

  3. susan fawcett February 27, 08:21

    Could you please snswer my question. If I block a number on auto reject list will that stop incommi g txt fro. That blocked number

  4. James Mash February 29, 09:32

    If a number is blocked then it should block all content from that number including SMS TXT messages. However when numbers are blocked on a device what they normally do is just reject the call on the device rather than at the service / provider level. So the call received by the phone and then is essential rejected without you noticing that you have been called.

    With text messages the phone may well automatically delete the message or may put the messages in a separate folder on the device. this depends if you are blocking the calls through the OS settings or a third party app and may change from device to device.

  5. Karen March 14, 05:00

    Hi, so I blocked a # for awhile, I’ve now unblocked it but it’s continues to go straight to voice mail. Any suggestions? Much appreciated!

  6. Jan November 18, 07:46

    If you block someone from texting you, will they know it?

  7. Olivia February 20, 18:06

    Thanks for the information that helps

  8. Cathy April 13, 00:12

    No help. I want to block calls at night by time boundaries not phone numbers.

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