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Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.11.2014. | 10:23

Skateboarding doesn’t have the long history that many other sports like football, baseball, cricket and tennis have, but it has grown rapidly from humble beginnings. It started out as just a piece of 2 by 4 with roller-skate wheels attached and then in the 50’s, thanks in large part to the surfing craze and its ability to recreate the freedom of the waves on concrete it saw considerable growth. More recently it was included in the 1995 ESPN Extreme X- Games which saw skateboarding move in to a main stream sport that today sees more people than ever enjoy taking to 4 wheels.


Nowadays many cities have public skate parks so unlike the late 70’s California there is no need to drain your pool to get in some practice. Plus with locations in almost every city there is a wealth of skaters across all races and genders.
There has been a wealth of development in boarding over the years but one of the more interesting and recent ones has been the growing number of effective and efficient motorized skateboards that are appearing to the market. These electric boards, like the Marbel board, have come a long way from the first attempts at motorizing skateboards.


The first motorized skateboards were typically retrofitted, often using an old chainsaw or lawnmower motor strapped on to the top or back of a standard board or long board. While these first forays into motorized skateboards were functional they were far from ideal, but thanks to the growing drive for cheap, clean electrical transportation and a lot of hard work there is now a huge range of electric boards available out there.

In this rapidly growing market, electric skateboards can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Chinavasion has been monitoring the trend in electrical transportation closely and following our hugely successful Uni-Wheel we are happy to launch two stunning electric skateboards, which we believe offer great value and very competitive options for anyone looking to enjoy this latest revolution in skateboarding history.


The ‘E-Street Board’ model is a great entry level electric skateboard that is designed around a standard street board and has a 65KG load limit. It has a 150watt motor and can reach speeds of 10KPH. It runs off a 24 Volt lead acid battery so you probably won’t be doing any ollies, heel flips or board slides as it weighs more than your standard street board, however that weight brings you around one hour’s worth of push free gliding even up gentle inclines. The wireless remote puts you firmly in control of acceleration and breaking so you can cruse with easy and confidence and cover about 10 kilometers before it will need recharging so that should be enough time to get some thrills and to where ever you are going.

Big brother to the ‘E-street Board’ is the ‘E-Mountain board’, we’re not sure if the E is for electric or extreme as this beast really packs a punch. Like all mountain boards it has large wheels so it can be used on grass, dirt tracks and uneven surfaces also it supports a maximum load of 135KG. The E-mountain Board can accelerate up to 32 KPH thanks to the 36000mAh battery and 800 watt motor so you will really feel the wind in your hair as you speed about on these wheels. You can go a massive 26KM or so on a full charge letting you commute to work, travel to your friends or even use it to take your surfboard to the beach for enjoying some waves. The choice is yours and the price is great thanks to Chinavasion Wholesale listings bringing you the best products at prices you can afford.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.11.2014. | 10:23
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