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Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.10.2009. | 20:09

If you have a 21st century family, then that means you have a wife/husband, child, car, big screen TV, and a house full of gadgets for every person in the family.

But how about your family’s loyal furry companion? Your dog deserves and loves gadgets too!

Just because he doesn’t have a credit card doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love to have some cool gadgets. So feed his need with some of our new pet gadgets!

The Omni Tracker – World GPS Tracker CVJL-G95



One of the smallest GPS trackers on the market today, the Omni Tracker (CVJL-G95) sends you SMS messages to help you keep track of your dog!

If you ever need to find out where your “buddy” wandered away to then just send the The Omni Tracker – World GPS Tracker an inquiry message and it will immediately send you a reply with the exact coordinates of your dogs location.

Brings peace of mind to the whole family

Cleverdog Invisible Fence Dog Shock Collar CVJC-G103



This Cleverdog behavior modification system uses a vibration + mild shock to keep your dog out of areas he/she does not belong.

The collar and transmitting perimeter disk of the Cleverdog Invisible Fence Dog Shock Collar ensure your dog doesn’t stray into areas they’re supposed to stay out of for their own safety.

Has your furry best friend ever done this?

  • Gone into your forbidden closet and chewed on your best shoes?
  • Finished your brownies that were cooling on the kitchen counter?
  • Slept in the guest room and got hair all over the allergy free bed?
  • Caused a war with the neighbors by sneaking into their yard and digging up their plants?

Well now you can use this behavior changing system to help your family pet learn which areas are for adults only with this humane training device.

Cleverdog Bark Stop Collar with Alert CVJC-G105



This cleverdog high tech bark prevention and training collar (CVJC-G105) uses both an audible alert as well as a mild shock to assist you in training your dog to control his/her barking and behavior without causing any physical harm.

Turn your smart dog into a truly cleverdog with this entry-level bark stop collar, the Cleverdog Bark Stop Collar with Alert.

Cleverdog Premium Dog Shock Training Collar CVJC-G104



This is a three-in-one function behavior modification and reinforcement collar (CVJC-G104) that uses a remotely generated sound, vibration, or mild shock to help you positively and harmlessly train your dog!

Using verbal commands along with remote controlled reinforcement, you can quickly learn to communicate better with your dog. Turn your smart dog into a truly cleverdog with this premium grade bark stop and shock training collar, the Cleverdog Premium Dog Shock Training Collar.


Cleverdog MP3 Player




Cleverdog Auto Hole Digging “Ditch Digger Machine”


So what are you waiting for, make sure man’s best friend is all ready for the electronic age.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.10.2009. | 20:09
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  1. Mark April 14, 03:48

    Hi I need to buy a extra collar for the fencing system for dogs, cannot find it anywhere on the website, i know it was there before as i found it in the past, any help would be great, cheers

  2. Shirley April 17, 15:28

    Hi Mark,

    Please let me know the item you bought before from us.

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