5+ Free Reseller Tools And Tips From Chinavasion

Author xlxmarketing 5.10.2009. | 18:07

Answers, tips and advice don’t just fall out of trees.

Usually you have to pay a lot of money for them, and they are of questionable value.

At Chinavasion we believe that information should be valuable, so we pride ourselves in providing you with the most valuable information for free!

That’s right, free.

Unfortunately, with so many great blogs and tools it is far too easy to lose links and blogs, or forget where they are just when you need them.

So here are the five top free tips and tools we have put out between January and July this year:

Free EBay Template



ebay listing template

Free EBay Listing HTML Template, EBay HTML For Beginners
Putting together sexy eBay listings doesn’t need to be a chore.

One of our resident eBay experts, Baya Harrison, gives out an eBay template that ANYBODY can use.

Calculate The China Shipping Cost



China Shipping

Solving The Shipping Cost Mystery, The No Risk Method To Work Out Shipping On Chinavasion
This free China shipping calculator is a must see if you’re considering sending something to a location for the first time and not sure of how much you will need to charge for shipping.

Currency Conversion Made Easy



currency conversion

Seeing The Items And Prices You Want, Currency Exchange Made Easy On Chinavasion
Dollars, deutschmarks or dinars, it doesn’t matter how you say it it would be nice to see the products on Chinavasion in a price that you can relate to.

This is how you see prices in the currency you want, instantly.

Make Measurement Conversion Easy



free conversion

Confusion Over Conversion: Inches To CM And Pixels To Megapixels
Daniel O’Donahue has a couple handy tips to help you work out how to convert any measurement into any measurement.

He also explains how to work out how many pixels in a megapixel while he’s at it.

Better Wireless Home Networks



home wifi network

5 Steps To A Faster, Safer More Stable Home WiFi Connection
Like me, like you, like everybody else, the world loves WiFi.

Ali Dayekh (that’s me) talks about how you can get your home network to love you more.

Free(Computer-Friendly) Media Players



free media players

Five Of The Best… A Review Of The Five Best Free Media Players On The Internet
There’s a reason why they call Realplayer and Windows Media Player bloatware… because they slow down your computer, don’t always play the files and generate lots of ads.

Here are reviews of the five best media players online that are guaranteed to have you AND your computer smiling.

3 Free EBay Seller Tools



eBay listing tools

Get More Eyes On Your EBay Listings, Three Free Online Applications Guaranteed To Increase Overall Bids
When you spend money putting up eBay and eBay alternative listings then you want to maximize your selling opportunities in every way.

These three free tools will do it without costing you any money.

When buying consumer electronics from China, there are a lot to consider and take into account. Well, the key is not to be too hasty, here we always provide the best and most important news coming out of China today.

These are only some of the helpful tips and tools that we are constantly putting up on the Chinavasion blog.

To keep up to date with the latest in gadget news, and popular news out of the consumer electronics industry from China, subscribe to our free feed and always know what’s going on in the world of ecommerce.

OR sign up to our free import course for a lesson on China trade that is so good people tell us we shouldn’t be giving it away.

Author xlxmarketing 5.10.2009. | 18:07
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