Portable DVD Player Poll – Tell Us What You Think And Win A Prize

Author xlxmarketing 28.9.2009. | 15:40


The portable DVD player, is there a more misunderstood electronics device in the pantheon of consumer electronics?

While it’s just often used in conjunction with a ‘Finding Nemo’ DVD to keep kids quiet it’s actually capable of much more.

This, and the potential demand for portable DVD players was most clearly shown by the take-up for our rip-capable portable DVDs where sales rose by 600% in a little under two weeks.

Paste prweb.com/releases/Portable_DVD_Player/Portable_DVD_Players/prweb2923464.htm into your browser to learn more about this development



We were so sure of the rip function on the portable DVD player that we got three models that it could work on.

But, that’s only one of the features available on portable DVDs these days, just take a look at the long line of features below which can be found on the portable DVD player:

  • Digital TV tuner
  • Analog TV Tuner
  • USB and SD card reader
  • NES emulator
  • Dual screen display
  • Swivel Screen display
  • High definition output
  • Blu Ray display
  • Headrest/Seat Mount
  • AV Out
  • Speakers/Headphone
  • Remote/on player controls
  • AV In
  • The capability to play DVDs/CDs from any region

Now this is where you come in.

Tell us what you would like to see in a portable DVD player and why in the blog comments, leave us your email address and you could win a prize.

We are giving away a ‘mystery box’ prize worth $80USD to the 20th person to leave a comment on the blog.

All blog comments will be left off the site until the competition has finished.

So what are you waiting for? Leave your feedback in the comments section and check out the great portable DVD players available at Chinavasion.

Thank you everybody for taking part in the survey and congratulations to Daniel, who won the US$80 mystery prize.

If there’s something that you would like to see in our portable DVD players let us know in the comments below or take part in the portable DVD player poll.

And for a review of what everybody who took part in our competition said go to check out Chinavasion Review, We Compare Portable DVD Player Features.

Author xlxmarketing 28.9.2009. | 15:40
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  1. Paul September 28, 16:51

    Whilst I think your products are excellent, this particular grouping I think will soon be gone. The problem with portable DVD players is that DVD drives aren’t really very solid, however well they are made. They don’t cope well with jolting or bouncing. I think as Flash capacity increases and memory cards get cheaper, these will take over from DVDs as short term storage for movies – this will also reduce size and increase battery life. We have had several portable DVD players and been very happy with them but in the end the DVD always gives up πŸ™ (after a great deal of use !)

    You can already see this in Chinavision’s products merging together – MP3/MP4/Emulators/Cameras/DVB/DVD players. In the end, there will just be media players and the variations will be in internal capacity and screen size – depending on how portable you want your devices to be – pocket for music only, or 7″ screen for media players in the cars – and of course steady increases in features (e.g. emulators for more modern machines, and smoothing functionality in playback, and so on).

  2. Baya September 28, 22:58

    Hey, did i win?

  3. Nilson Takashi Saito September 29, 01:59


    For me the most useful features would be a portable player that could be easily used on car (for kids), so let’s say, easily connected on the back of the headrest (some kind of support), with cappability to play most of media types (divX, avi, mpeg, rmvb, etc) and internet upgradeable for newer video codecs.
    * Digital TV tuner (Japanese/Brazilian, for my case)
    * Analog TV Tuner
    * USB that supports an external HDD
    * Display output for a second display (lets say second headrest display)
    * Speakers/Headphone (wireless/IR preferable) or FM audio sending for in dash car stereo
    * Remote/on player controls
    * AV In
    * The capability to play DVDs/CDs from any region
    * Display resolution of at least 800X600 or 1200X800

    I also think bluray playability is not a must have feature for now (too expensive) and Bluray is not so popular yet.

  4. Merijn de Boer September 29, 02:19

    First, I’d like to see a long list of compatible formats (DivX, Avi, VideoCD, *.mkv, and so on) and a rip-function would be sweet. Also, some emulators (like on the Dingoo) would be a total turn-on and unique selling point in the process. As the next point cannot be found on (portable) dvd-players very often, I’d really enjoy a vga-out, as well as RGB in (to connect my Dingoo to it during my travels, in case you’d drop the emulator-function). Other great assets would include a USB-host, wi-fi or bluetooth to transfer my files and/or an SD/MMC slot. Now GPS would be a total bonus but with the right software could turn the little thing into a navigator. Last but not least, if you would ask me whether I’d like all of my requests to be added, along with Android on it, I would cry right now.

    Hope this helped, keep up the good work!

    Merijn de Boer
    The Netherlands

  5. Milton September 29, 02:33

    Firts off i gotta say I love Chinavasion! Second its hard to say what features i would like on a portable dvd player, since for what I can see on this article now they even have Blue Ray display and can rip dvds!

    The new feature I’d like to see on a portable dvd player is wifi connectivity so you can browse sites like youtube or megavideo and enjoy. But it would be cool if you could record right from the site as you play the video!

    Another feature I’d like to see is a “spill water” or “spill liquid” sort of protector so your dvd wont get demaged if you spill coke or something!

    Thnks for the opportunity chinavasion!!

  6. Kay September 29, 23:36

    I would like to see a portable DVD-Player which has an HD-Display and can play Bluray-Discs

  7. Pierpaolo September 30, 04:03

    truly complete portable DVD,
    Probably missing only bluethoot to download and view video files and photos, etc.
    and a GPS for navigation.
    Excuse my English, I do not speak English
    thanks for the opportunity , Chinavasion the best

  8. Peter September 30, 10:59

    I would like to see ATSC tuners in portable DVD players. The USA has dumped analog television for digital TV, but it is not DVB-T. There are only two products (that I know of) on this site that support ATSC and they can’t play DVDs. I believe portable DVDs that tune ATSC television will fly off the shelves in the USA! Please add this important option!

    Thanks for the opportunity and happy selling!

  9. herrion September 30, 11:04

    I have a remote control watch would’nt it be great if i could program it to the portable dvd player also a dvd play with bluetooth so you can send your favorite music or file to it

  10. Alexander September 30, 13:41

    Almost everything you can think of is already built into the player.
    But lacking a very important opportunities: to update the installed codecs and file formats are possible for viewing, for example, via the Internet.
    If the consumer enough at the beginning of DVD, now want to be able to browse and play any video and audio formats, etc. Often need to convert the file on the computer so that he could play on the player. I have a DVD recorder, but I use it as a device to record from TV, but I watching DVD disk on computer or after the conversion – on the MP4 player or smart phone.
    But in the distant future, I want a DVD player that takes up less space…
    Or have a built-in video projector for viewing on the nature, for example, in the woods….

  11. Carol Kwan September 30, 18:28

    Portable DVD Player – I think they need to be lighter and thinner. A lot of them are very heavy. Must have better screen quality because some of the ones I’ve seen are either very dark or very light. Digital Tuner is a must in the U.S. How about better speakers too! So everyone can hear. Surround sound maybe? Longer battery life. and WIFI !!! WITH TOUCH SCREEN. πŸ™‚

  12. rachelle October 1, 11:24

    i like the sleek type…with diff. colors to choose from,…easy to use..and environment friendly!

  13. TerenceBurley October 1, 21:50

    They should start to make them and mp3 player more bluetooth enabled so wireless headphones could be worn, less disturbance to other people and a great sound still heard, more so your mp3 players and my gym !!

  14. Ali Rowe October 2, 01:29

    I would like to see portable DVD players come with a recordable feature. Since it already have a TV tuner, it would be nice to be able to record tv programmes fom live tv or satellite.

  15. jose October 5, 17:37

    i agreed with milton wi fi would be cool.but with a web cam intergrated in it.that would be bad ass.

  16. ryan j manfield October 8, 03:52

    i will start byb saying that this site rocks!
    where do you start there are that many devicers been intergrated into other diveces theses its unbeliveble . one thing that could be adapted to this product in a personal navigatioin system of the simple fact that it is portible already but the portible dvd playe5r is usally a companion on them long car tips there could also the capacity to play games straght from the memory on the portible dvd player and also maybe a little mini camara which transmits to the dvd player and allows you to record and watch your own movies it shoul;d also be able to edit you own recording and movis so you can make your own holiday movies while onthe go with the in built editer the kids could have hours of fun cutting and pasting pictures movies and home movies to make there own movies i think this idea would be great idea for the simple fact that the portible dvd player is mainly used to amuse the kide with movies this idea would make it possible to document and make your own personal holiday movie nowing that you could edit your movies as you go there will be no lost photo or memories cos you can store it on the movie mabe also might look at having dvd burner in the unit aswell so nyou can burn and distribue to family back home while uyou on the move

  17. charlie October 8, 16:29

    such a great tool, love taking it camping with me, i would love to have one with an HDD inside, so while i’m watching a movie it can also be copied.

  18. Michael Kidd October 8, 17:16

    Before I start I would like to say “thank you” to Chinavasion, for consistently providing my company with great quality products at such a fabulous wholesale price!

    Now that I got that out of the way, I will list the most important things I look for in a portable DVD player.Keep in mind these are not in any particular order.

    -Multiple region playback capability
    -USB slot for playing various media files
    -Long battery life
    -Good warranty
    -Decent sounding speakers
    -High resolution screen
    -Stylish design
    -Strong build

    I am sure there is more features to look for, but these head the list as far as “must have” features are concerned.

    I hope I am the 20th person to win the prize! Thanks and I will be buying more products from you guys soon!

  19. Daniel October 12, 12:48

    I like AV-OUT / TV-OUT so I can use the portable DVD player as my home DVD player as well. I see that your current selection of portable DVD players are all region-free, that is nice.

  20. Steve October 29, 02:15

    Another great post.
    Thank you for the information, Its good to see such quality posts.
    Im subscribing to your blog.
    Keep them comming.

  21. rodolf June 19, 06:21

    I can say that its portability and that it provides the basics of movie viewing while on the move, cheap portable DVD players are well worth it.

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