Chinavasion News: Building A Great Team, One Member At A Time

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.9.2009. | 22:07


By Michael Wong

If you tried contacting us last Saturday and we weren’t here to take your call or answer your email – sorry we were busy.


Everybody who works at Chinavasion (all 88 of us) were busy getting bruised, sun-burned, and physically and mentally tested to our limits…oh sorry I meant we were Outward Bound training for the purposes of team building.

First off, for those who aren’t familiar with Outward Bound training, it’s where you take a group of comfort-loving, city dwellers and throw them into the wilderness in order to smash all traces of laziness, lack of discipine, and mental weakness out of them.

Our company’s Outward Bound experience lasted from seven in the morning until nine that night.

It was a scorcher – ambient temperature was gauged at 34 degrees Celsius, but with the UV index dangerously high and the humidity unbearable, it was more like 45 degrees Celsius!

The drill instructor (I think he said he was from HELL!) took us through mind numbing exercise after exercise in order to get us thinking as ONE.


Our instructor

Any time anyone made a mistake it was 20 pushups for guys, and 20 squats for the ladies.


The two most difficult exercises were the pole leap and the wall mount.


The first involved climbing up a 8 meter pole, standing on a platform with space enough for only size 9 feet (I wear size 12s) and then jumping off it in order to grasp a hanging bar roughly 2 meters away.

Talk about fear factor!


The last and most difficult event was The Wall Mount which involved all 88 of us having to climb over a 4.5 meter wall with no equipment.

It was the last event and we were all exhausted and in pain from all the exercises that had gone before.

Needless to say we had to use team work.

Taller members had to stand or kneel at the bottom to serve as a human stairwell for other climbers to stand on.

The first climber had to grip the top of the wall and pull himself up. Then pull up the others which in turn would help pull up more people.

We were asked how long we thought it would take to complete the exercise. We said three hours. Surprisingly, we did it in just under 15 minutes.


Looking back, I really believe that saying about how man achieves his best in the face of adversity.

I also understand all those war movies that depict how members of a platoon who trust each other with their lives develop bonds which most of us will never understand.


I mean sure it was just a training exercise in the woods, but as our general manager assembled us at the end of the day (yes she participated in every event and took just as much punishment as the rest of us), with tears in her eyes, she thanked us and spoke of how proud she was.

“Teamwork is as vital to the future success of Chinavasion as the air we breathe is to human life.”

“You have shown me that Chinavasion will indeed be very successful. Thank you,” she said.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.9.2009. | 22:07
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