How To Get Your Questions Answered In Record Time

Author xlxmarketing 18.9.2009. | 19:15

Do you ever get the feeling that some days it’s not just your day?

You’ve got a million and one things to do, your latest gadget isn’t doing what it should and there doesn’t seem to be anybody who can help you.

Don’t worry, help is on its way.

Our friendly and professional team of Chinavasion support staff are sitting by the phones, and next to the computer, waiting to swoop in and help you out.

We are even willing to show you a little shortcut so that you can get your questions answered quicker and your problems solved faster than ever.

There are four ways to get in contact with us. You can get in contact with us by:

The best ways to get in contact us are to submit a ticket, send an email or get in contact with us via live chat since they are recorded for quality purpose and allow us (and you) to follow-up your case better.

What is also good about this system is that you can keep a record of the chat so that, if you see the same situation arise again you can deal with it faster and more confidently.

Sending A Ticket/Email To Chinavasion


Here Is how to use the ticket system:

When contacting us it is important to include the following information:

  1. Your order number

    This can be found in the invoice sent in your package, or in your Chinavasion account

  2. Your item code or the product url on the website.
  3. An explanation of what the issue is and what you have done to try to solve it.
  4. Photos of any physical damage to the product if it is physically broken

    Please keep the attachment size under 3MB and cc: to

    If the image is larger than that you can upload it to a photo sharing site (see a list of image sharing sites below)

Image Sharing Sites


  • Image Shack
  • Screencast


This is very easy to do when you submit a ticket but can be just as easy to do if you are sending an email to , just take a look at the example below:

In almost 99% of cases our customer service representatives deal with they can usually analyze the situation and provide an answer within ONE working day. (Chinese GMT)

Quite often any issues can be solved remotely meaning that you don’t need to send the item back to us and you don’t have to suffer any further inconveniences.

Contacting us via email, ticket, live chat and phone are always the best way to get answer to all your aftersales and presales questions.

The blog, YouTube community, product page and Facebook page are great ways to interact with other Chinavasion customers and the Chinavasion community at large but perhaps not the place to go if you have a specific question.

So contact Chinavasion now and find out how easy it is to get all your questions answered.

Author xlxmarketing 18.9.2009. | 19:15
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  1. Leon Li September 26, 11:45

    Hi there,
    Your products look good. I am keen to find out more about your service. I would like to know if there is any cheaper way of sending your products, ie EMS. If so, please email me the break-down costs of shipping.

    from NZ

  2. Terry October 14, 09:00

    Selling cases / holsters for the mobile phones would be good.

  3. Everton Luíz September 20, 08:03

    Gostaria de saber porque não consigo chegar pelo menos no processo de informação de frete?, sempre pede para eu registrar um endereço novo e nunca continua o processo depois disso !

  4. Adrian September 20, 10:02

    Oi Everton, por favor, contate o suporte do cliente com esta questão e que irá guiá-lo através do procedimento correto para obter as informações de remessa.
    Você pode enviá-las em: ” support [@] chinavasion [.com] “

  5. paulinho January 6, 08:38

    óla eu gostaria de saber se os preços dos produtos do site sao em dolar para mim saber quanto fica em moeda brasileira

  6. Shirley January 7, 09:27

    Hi Paulinho, yes all the prices online are listed in US dollars, but you change the currency by yourself on the website, please check this:

  7. Ramdeo Prasad Yadav May 21, 13:48

    Hie, Please add Indian currencies INR also in your prices

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