Chinavasion: 10 Cool Home Gadgets For A Better Living

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.11.2014. | 17:38

Would you like to live in a home where everything you wish for comes true at the click of a button? Well, we may not be quite there yet, but every year we are getting closer.

Following our recent publication about our top 5 security gadgets, we would like to present you today a selection of cool home gadgets that could add convenience to your life while giving your home a hip modern look.

Multi-Color LED Candles With Charging Dock “Cozy Color”

Multi_Color_LED_Candles_with_jaToYOgr.jpg.thumb_400x400 Thanks to “Cozy Color” you can now create a romantic atmosphere in your home without the accompanying hazards of dripping wax and a risk of a house fire. The candles come with a charging dock and a set of batteries and will shine for up to 15 hours.

Touch Sensitive Light Switch “Easy Light 3” – Triple Gang


Easy Light 3 is a must-have for any tech-friendly home. It symbolizes the tendency to make everything in our daily lives simple, easy-to-use and functional. This touch sensitive light switch allows you to control the lighting in your home with a single finger tap.

Flying Alarm Clock


As winter is coming closer, getting out from under the covers at the dawn of day will become more difficult than ever. And fighting the temptation to hit the “snooze” button and turn away from the alarm will be an uphill battle.

Well, put these worries behind you with a real-life flying alarm clock. When the time is right, it will make a shrieking sound and take off. The only way to stop it – is to catch it and re-insert the key. But by then you’re already out of bed, aren’t you?

Digital Video Message Recorder Magnet “Vidly”


Remember the days when you left sticky notes on the fridge to remind your wife to get milk or tell your husband to pick up the dry-cleaning?

Well, these days may be over soon. Now, with the help of “Vidly” fridge magnet, you can record a video message for your loved ones and stick it on the fridge. And if there are no urgent matters on your mind to record, take a few extra minutes before heading off to work to start their day with a friendly video.

Bluetooth Speaker LED Lightbulb


Bluetooth speaker fitted with LED lights will bring the relaxing lounge atmosphere right into your home. Kick back on the couch while listening to soothing tunes and watching an LED lightshow on your ceiling. Or invite a few friends over and turn it into a modernized disco ball.

Digital Wireless Video Door Phone


You just got into a hot bubble bath and the door bell rings. Who could it be? Well, with this wireless video door phone the guessing game is over. You can see, talk to, snap pictures of your guests and, of course, open and lock the door with a press of a button.

LED Projector with DVD Player – Lumens


This Multimedia LED projector comes with the ultimate home cinema experience.

Thanks to the built-in DVD player, the projector will easily play the favourites from your collection, but you can also plug in your USB drive or connect it to your home video system for endless watching possibilities.

Virtual Video Glasses with 3D Function “Maze”


Make your home a first class entertainment centre with “Maze” virtual video glasses. Watch movies in 3D with surround sound or experience the true virtual reality in gaming. Movies will become more interesting and video games will pull you in like never before. Just connect the glasses to your PC through a VGA port and enjoy the ride!

Waterproof MP3 Player


Make your shower time more fun by bringing along the Waterproof MP3 Player. With 8 GB of internal memory, it can easily host your favourite morning tunes and more or you can opt for listening to the news on the built-in radio. Splashing around will not hurt the MP3 player and you can submerge it into water for up to ten metres.

High Precision Home 3D Printer ‘PrecisionBot’


It is predicted that the 3D printing industry will reach 1.2 Billion. Take a confident step into the future with “PrecisionBot”, a high precision home 3D printer. You can put it to functional use by creating homeware or replacing missing parts or by bringing to life the products of your wildest imagination. And if you have kids, there’ll be no stopping creativity in your house from now on.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.11.2014. | 17:38
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