The Media Tank, 3 Effortless Steps To A Easy Media HDD Enclosure Set Up

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.9.2009. | 18:26

It seems that the hard disk media enclosures are getting so advanced these days that DVD players and CD players may soon be a thing of the past.

These days people would like to do more with their TVs than just watch movies or TV shows, they’d like to look at photos too. Browsing the internet is something that is becoming increasingly looked for as well.

And, the toys tools to do that are coming onto the market at a lower entry cost than you think they would.

Take for example our latest offering, the 1080P HD Media Tank (CVJI-E49).

A SATA HDD enclosure like no other the media tank can broadcast high definition footage at 1080p and can handle 3.5 inch SATA HDD’s up to 2TB… that’s 2000 GB’s.

And if that was all it could do then that would be enough.

But there’s much more to this media tank than that.

With a torrent drive and UPnP capability it can help you out get the media to play on your TV and stream various internet media and productivity tools onto your TV.

Just take a look at what type of things are available on your TV at the touch of a remote button with the Media Tank:

  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Blip TV
  • Photobucket
  • Cnet TV
  • Weather Bug
  • Yahoo Weather
  • Vimeo
  • Mediafly
  • Gmail
  • Netflix
  • Google Maps
  • Google
  • Torrent Plaza
  • Dilbert
  • Miro

With 44 video, audio, photo, RSS and news sources and a handful of internet service tools already loaded this IS the one tool to bring the world wide web into your living room.

That’s even before you get into it’s capabilities as an internet radio receiver and bit torrent portal capabilities.

And let’s not forget that this is all driven from a remote.

Even setting up the HDD enclosure is not as difficult as other models on the market, thanks to its automatic formatting functionality, meaning there’s no need to plug it into a PC to get it formatted.

But even so getting things like this set up can be a little tricky at times so, if you are going to get this home entertainment wonder you will need to know how to:

  • Install the Server
  • Set up the Wi-Fi
  • Connect it to the internet


Server Installation


This is a piece of cake process thanks to the installation wizard

After you have copied the .NMT file from the CD provided with this media tank on to a USB Flash Drive you have floating around insert the USB Flash Drive into the back of the media tank and switch the media tank on.

When the media tank is on and you see the start screen select “Setup”

In the Setup menu select “Maintenance, you will then be prompted with the message display in the screen shot below.

There are two options to chose from.

Either you can install the program alongside the existing information on your hard drive or completely reformat your hard drive, wipe anything on it and start afresh.

The second option would be better if you are dealing with a new drive or if you want to remove everything from the disk. If you want to save everything choose the first.

The installation wizard should guide you through the setup process with ease and, if you have files on the hard drive already you can save them.

Now remember the .NMT file you copied from the CD ROM provided with the Media Tank on to your USB flash drive?

Make sure to select the USB option before proceeding, the .NMT file application on your USB flash drive will be installed on the Media tank HDD.

After you selected the USB option, as shown above, go to next and press enter.

You will get a warning asking you if you have selected the right installation mode. If feel that everything is ok, then just select OK.

After a couple of minutes, the setup procedure will be completed and the system will automatically reboot.


Setting Up the WI-FI

To get the most out of the media tank you are going to want to connect it to the internet, which means Wi-Fi (unless you’ve already got the Ethernet cables in place).

Put the unit where it will normally be sitting. Then, to get Wi-Fi connected you just need to plug the complimentary Wi-Fi dongle into the back of the unit.

Once you’ve done that you just need to go to the setup option from the main screen and navigate down to the “Network” option. As shown below.

Then, once you are there go to mode and choose whether you want to select the IP address automatically or enter it manually.

If you are something of a ‘tech-head’ you could put in the IP address manually.

You will notice we have selected wireless auto IP. Then, after you have selected your prefer connection type, hit the save option.

After you have selected the “Save” option you will automatically be directed to the screen shot below where you can scan and search for your wireless signal.

The scan option works a little like an automatic tuner on a radio and once your Wireless signal is picked up, then it will be displayed, in the SSID list.

Sometimes your wireless USB Dongle will register a few signals, so make sure to select the SSID, and navigate through the drop down list to choose the type of encryption you have used on the rest of your internet system.

The 64 bit WEP encryption is always a common form of encryption.

Make sure to select the correct WEP encryption key and enter the security password that you have setup with your internet connection.

You can get both of these from your ISP provider if you haven’t already got them recorded.

Now hit save, and the system will automatically navigate you back to the previous screen.

If you haven’t already put in the auto IP selection you can now put in your IP address. Just select the ‘wireless configure’ option in setup.

Thanks to the remote control alpha-numeric key pad, it comes with caps lock and num-lock options, making switching between numbers and alphabets simple, just like typing a text message from your phone.

Now that you have completes the Wi-Fi setup process, hit the save option and you will see a screen which looks very much like the one below.

After a few second, the screen will indicate that the Media Tank has successfully connected to the internet.


Getting The Internet On Your TV


The CVJI-E49 truly does bring the all of the coolest things from the internet onto your TV.

Doing this once that Wi-Fi has been set up is as easy as selecting web services from the startup menu of the media tank.

Once the Web Services option has been selected, the system will automatically present the following four options

  • Internet Radio
  • Media Service portal
  • MSP Community
  • Torrent

To get to YouTube and other media sites you just have to select media service portal.

Now you can utilize the the user-friendly remote controller to see what the weather is, watch videos on YouTube, Veoh, Blink TV or Cnet TV; or look at cool photos on flickr or Photobucket, to name a few places.

To access Gmail, Google maps and other fun sites, select the MSP Community option, the system will then offer a range of accessibility features for you to choose from.

To access Gmail, Google Maps and other cool sites, navigate to the bottom and select “others”.

You should be able to clearly see Gmail, Google Maps, Torrent Plaza, and Weather Forecasts in the screen.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg with this HDD media enclosure.

Check out the CVJI-E49 now and discover a HDD media enclosure that your home theater simply can’t do without.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.9.2009. | 18:26
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  1. Gee Whiz December 9, 05:42

    I see that Netflix “NMT Manager” and Torrent Plaza are both listed in the MSP, but you don’t make it clear in your review whether the Media Tank supports (1) Netflix streaming video, aka “Watch Instantly”, and (2) searching torrents and downloading video files via a built-in torrent client.

    I’d love to get rid of my cable TV service, and if this box handled both of those functions, I’d be set to do exactly that, so I’d appreciate if you’d clarify whether it supports those currently or not. Thanks.

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