10 Top Free Games for Android Phones and Tablets

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.10.2014. | 15:34

With so many games available for smart phones and mobile devices it’s hard to know where to begin. There are of course countless free games that it would be a monumental task to even list them all so I have chosen 10 of my favorite games from a variety of genera including sports, shooter, action, racing and role playing. They are all totally free to download and play however many rely on in-app purchases which are optional, so next time you feel a little bored or want to kill some free time download and try out one of these games.

Blood and Glory


Take to the Arena as a gladiatorial warrior and start hacking your foes to bits. This is a bloody slashing first person fighter game where you chop and bludgeon your foe with a range of swords and other lethal weaponry as you dual for medals and honor. Featuring impressive visuals, special moves and combos this game offers the raw violence of the area this is great way to release some built up frustrations and stress. For the total gore fest version search for “BLOOD & GLORY (NR)”.

Dungeon Hunter 4


This RPG is a little bit like Diablo; you roam around dungeons and follow through a dark fantasy adventure while on the way slash and loot enemies and scarier bosses. There is the choice of 4 different warriors and as you gain experience you can level up and customize your gear and weaponry with the looted money you earn. You can embark on multiplayer action in cooperative arenas or take them all on by yourself in the PVP mode and team death match games. Endless fun and immersive story line plus multiplayer co-ops and head to heads give this game loads of scope and offers lots of fun.

The Walking Dead: Season One


This game comes in five parts and while episodes 2-5 are purchased via in app upgrades episode One is free. Set in the same daunting universe as Robert Kirkmans award winning series. In this game you take on the role of Lee Everett, a convicted criminal who’s gotten a second chance in life, but has to contend with a world torn asunder by the undead. As you explore this doomed world you experience events and meet people that foreshadow the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. You make critical decisions that affect the game play and determine the storyline and what events will unfold as the game plays out. The visuals are exceptional and the storyline offers a unique and exhilarating experience as you battle through a world plagued by the undead.

Heroes of Order and Chaos

Hearoes of Order

This is a new line on MOBA on Mobiles that pits players against each other in an online five on five combat arena where the heroes have to defend against waves of incoming AI and human enemies set on destroying the defensive towers and main base but need to in turn take out the enemies own base. While doing this the heroes earn gold purchase new equipment and level up between rounds and can even unlock new heroes to use with special perks and attributes.

There are plenty of in app purchases if you wish but there are also many heroes that can be played for free and as this cycles regularly, you can have plenty of fun without spending anything other than your time and battery power.

Dead Trigger


This free to download game is a stunning first person shooter game that sees you smash and butcher hordes of zombies with an array of weaponry. Set in modern day the fall of global economics has lead to a total collapse of civilization and suddenly billions of people were infected by a strange virus, those that didn’t die from this virus turned into butcherly beasts with the sole intent to kill anything still living. As one of a few people to have not been infected by the virus you need to learn how to stop the evil walking dead before your ammo runs out and along the way you explore the city, save other survivors and try to protect the safe haven while uncovering the haunting truth.

Contract Killer 2


In this game you’re thrown into the life of contract killer Jack Griffin and follow an intense storyline that combines long range sniper shots with hands on close and personal melee attacks. Personalize your kit for the contracts you take on, whether it be taking out high profile targets with sniper shots or creeping up to perform surprise close quarters attacks. You can collect killer club cards as you complete unique challenges and earn rewards and prestige which provides access to greater array of weapons.

Motocross Meltdown


If you see yourself as a bit of an Evel Knievel then you will probably love this game. You race around a dirt track to the shouts and screams of adoring fans while jumping and flying through the air. This high-octane racing action lets you get some big air and pull stunts in great HD detail. You can create your own rider and customize their look as well as upgrade skills to become the undisputed dirt bike champion going. What more you get to go head to head against the likes of real pros Wes Agee and Josh Hansen and make them eat your dust if you’re good enough. What more could you need.

NFL Pro 2013



If you can’t wait until next year to watch the super bowl then this game may keep you busy for the next few months. Take control of your favorite team and manage your players and rosters as you not only get to play the game but can train and control many aspects of the team. This game lets you do it all; training and coaching the players, improving their skills and picking the plays. The in app purchases let you bring out the most in this game but even without those it’s well worth playing.

Real Soccer 2013


If NFL isn’t for you then try your hand at real soccer 2013. This is the latest in a series of free football simulations that let you control every part of the club from what happens on the pitch to the decisions of the manager. It has easy to use controls with sprint, pass and shoot buttons also with careful taps on the playing area you can pull out premiership moves to add some flair as you enjoy great game play. Off the pitch you get to build your team and upgrade the facilities, hire and fire staff as well as control merchandising, sponsorship and your team’s roster. As you play the game you earn coins which can be used to purchase upgrades so over the course of the play you improve the team and advance through different leagues, compete for silverware and take your team to the top.

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+


You don’t have to be a petrol head to enjoy this game, it features 111 licensed cars from 26 manufactures so you can buy, race and upgrade top of the line Ferraris or other cars  in this realistic driving simulator. If you opt for the career mode you will have to learn how to handle different cars and pass tests before you’re let loose on the tracks. As you win races you unlock more and more cars that can be raced on a wide variety of tracks from Laguna Seca to urban street races and rally tracks. There’s the option to race against drivers from around the world with online multiplayer for up to 6 competitors as you test your skill against others.


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