Best Ecommerce Strategy, Prepare For EBay Christmas Sales Now

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2009. | 17:03

christmas stock
Do you want to do well this Christmas or do you want to do really well this Christmas.

Christmas time is harvest season for retailers both online and offline.

No matter where you are or what you sell your profits should go up as people from almost every country in the world gets gifts for their friends, families, and colleagues.

But, as with any harvest you need to ensure you have everything you need ahead of time so that you don’t disappoint customers by sending them something late or running out of a popular item before the end of the Christmas season.

The biggest issues people face during this time are:

  • Shipping
  • Stock levels

So, in order to be ready for Christmas, you need to do the following things…

Bulk Up On Popular Sellers Beforehand


There is nothing worse than running out of a hot seller half way through the Christmas period. So it is a good idea to build up a higher level of stock than you’d normally carry.

This especially goes for dropshippers.

While the supply chain management of dropshipping is set up so that you don’t have to spend money on buying or storing stock Christmas is the one exception to this rule.

Not only do you miss out on sales but, if you are selling on eBay then your direct seller rating can take a hit because you don’t have something your customer wants.

So what type of purchasing timetable should you stick to?

  • July – August: take a look at the hot sellers from the previous Christmas period, the current year and try and guess what type of volume you will need to buy for the upcomming Christmas.

    Do a budget to see how many of each item you can buy for each time (It’s recommended to try to stretch out sourcing over three-four months rather than trying to buy everything at one time)

  • September – October:Start gradually bringing in stock. If possible test the new units to make sure they are not faulty and get ordering replacements out of the way.
  • November – December:Start getting in contact with your customers, remind them to buy Christmas presents a little earlier to avoid disappointment (more about this later)

So, if you’re reselling electronics what type of things should you be buying:

Great Christmas Gift Ideas


DV Cameras


Whether you want to call them camcorders, digital video cameras, videocameras, digicams, or vidcams, these items continue to get improved functions and easier to use every year. And they always make great gift items, especially around Christmas.




Our models have proven to be very popular because of their ease of use, price, and fantastic feature set.

And as you can see from our keychain car remote style camera (CVSD J12), action sports helmet camera (CVSD J11) avatar digital binocular sports and spy camera — 40x optical zoom (CVSD DC06) There is something for everybody. From the sports nut, to the Life Bits fanatic to the racehorse follower and aspiring private eye.

Digital Frames


Christmas time is usually when people have the fondest memories so it is not surprising then that this is by far the best time of the year to have digital photo frames.

Not only can they be relatively inexpensive they are very easy to personalize. Just suggest that the customer includes a SD card with pictures and videos of them with the person they are giving the gift to.

You could even consider including a card as a free gift from you to them to increase the chance of them buying the item.



How many people do you know that want to make that new years resolution to quit the dirty smoking habit?

And how many people want to buy themselves or their favorite uncle something to help quit?

Well, help someone give up smoking and make some money at the same time – with the electronic quit-smoking cigarettes! A real winning combination for everyone!

Just check out our e cigarettes review to make sure your loved one gets the right refill.

Spy Watches


Not every gift has to be nice, sometimes naughty is just as good, and spy watches fall into that category.

Great for taking hidden videos, using to make a daily video journal, or just to use as a USB flash drive, these little gadgets make every day more exciting.


CVSR 1902cvsl i21

Not everyone is a spy or video blogger, but you never know when something exciting is going to happen, and why not be ready just in case the unbelievable happens, like your dream boy/girl approaches you. You want that on tape… don’t you?

Cell Phones


When it comes to Christmas gifts few things can be better than the gift of contact.

So, more frequently these days families are giving prepaid phones to older and younger members of the family so they can always stay in touch.

Feature rich, unlocked, dual SIM phones are all the rage these days, and there is good reason why.

Combining quad-band GSM capability for traveling around the world with two SIM card slots with dual standby so you can have two active phone numbers within the same phone, factory-direct from China cell phones are becoming the primary choice for many people.

And since you are buying direct from Chinavasion, you never have to worry about being locked into a contract because all our GSM models are ready to use on the network of your choice!

Get Your Customers Ready For Christmas


Getting prepared for the Christmas season involves more than just getting a little extra stock in. You have to make sure your customers are ready as well.

In the two weeks leading to Christmas the postal services and courier companies are overwhelmed with packages.

Unfortunately, this is also the time when most customers expect their items to arrive yesterday, if not the week before.

If you have a list of regular/potential customers send them out an email remind them that Christmas is coming and that they should think about gifts a little earlier to make sure they get them in time for Christmas.

And, during those two crucial two weeks, when impulse purchasing is going on like mad, have a reminder on the description telling customers that delivery may take a little longer.

To keep people happy you might consider creating an information sheet for your customer detailing exactly what they are buying, so that the person receiving the gift does get something tangible on Christmas day.

Start getting ready for Christmas now and watch your reputation soar over Christmas, and the months that follow.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.8.2009. | 17:03
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