How Electronic Pet Collars Make Training Your Dog Easy

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.10.2014. | 17:42

Its well known that dogs are man’s best friend but at the end of the day they are still animals. Without proper guidance and training your lovely puppy can grow into a troublesome nightmare that chews shoes, raids the trash can and poops on your new rug. Not to mention bites and attacks other dogs or you and your family. A poorly trained dog is an unhappy dog and its no good for the animal or its master.

Therefore, it’s very important to train a dog from a young age. A properly trained dog is a joy to own and a pleasure to take for walks, play in the parks and will be a great member of your family. Dogs are one of the most intelligent animals and can be trained to perform all manner of tasks from herding sheep, retrieving items, guarding premises or just bringing you the paper and your slippers. They are quick to learn what you like and a well treated dog is usually eager to please its master and have even been known to lay down their lives to protect their families.

lens15412551_1289771924dog_training_shock_collar-1Having grown up with dogs in the family I’m well aware of how loyal they are and what valued members of the family they become. Even from a young age I have helped to train them and enjoyed having dogs as a friend and family members. Providing you treat you dog correctly you will be able to build mutual respect and through this they will learn trust and obey you.

When you first set about training your dog you may find it hard to get them to respond to you, beating the dog with a stick or teaching through fear is no fun for you or the dog, and makes it hard to build a respectful relationship. In the end the dog isn’t responding out of loyalty and respect but from fear and that is no way to treat an animal.

There are a number of different collars on the market that all aid with teaching your pooch. Choke collars, head halters and prong collars can all be very effective tools but by far one of the most effective types of collar are the relatively new, shock collars.  Chinavasion has a range of pet accessories including shock collars and electronic dog fencing systems. You can read our blog about electronic dog fencing systems here, Electronic Pet Fencing Systems.

Sending an electric pulse to your dog may sound inhumane but it’s not. These training devices send a non-harmful static electric shock, vibration, or tone through the collar with a sensor attached to the puppys collar.


They are just the same as when you receive a static electric shock, they may make you jump and can hurt a little but don’t cause any real harm, whereas some of the other collars can be abrasive on a dogs mussel or neck and if you have larger dogs they are sometimes very hard to control physically, which isn’t a problem with these types of collars.

The shock collars also have the advantage of allowing you to let your dog of the leash. This allows you to discipline your pooch even if they aren’t by your side.

Many of these collars have a beep mode that is easier than shouting and yelling after your dog,  once they are familiar with the sound they can be taught to respond to this in a given way. Additionally some collars will have a vibrate mode, this  is another way of allowing you to draw your dogs’ attention without having to induce the electric shock, which should only be used for serious behavioral discipline.

Like all training devices if they are not used properly theses collars can cause a dog to become fearful and reactive to everything so make sure you use it with care and always follow good training guides. The collars should also be used alongside proper positive behavioral reinforcement such as offering treats and praising the dog so as to help them learn and reinforce correct responses to your commands. Once your dog is trained the continued use of the collar isn’t required then you should end up with a well trained loving pet.

Check out Chinavasions range of Pet training collars so you can train your pet the best way science has to offer without harming or endangering them.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.10.2014. | 17:42
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