How to Turn Off Auto-Correction in Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.10.2014. | 21:47

By default settings the Android system is checking the entered text and automatically suggests words and also fixes common typos. If you don’t select a word in the list of suggestions, a default word is used to replace what the system things is a misspelled word.

Sometimes the auto-correction feature in Android can be useful, but it may be also troublesome. You can fine tune the auto-correction sensitivity and even turn it off completely.

Follow these easy steps to adjust this feature:

Go to the main Settings menu.

Open Language & input menu.langinput

Open the Google keyboard settings menu.


Touch Auto-correction option.


From the pop-up dialog menu choose how aggressive you want the system to be when it checks and automatically corrects your spelling and typos. Or turn it off competely with the Off option.


[via howtogeek]


Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.10.2014. | 21:47
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  1. Phil November 5, 19:23

    These instructions don’t hold good for my Sony Xperia M2. At ‘Keyboard & Input Methods’ I don’t have Google keyboard as an option, I have Xperia Keybord. Going there and these instructions fall apart.

  2. Tibor November 6, 00:43

    @Phil, The instructions apply to stock (Vanila) Android systems. Customized, branded systems may have slightly different menu structure and often use custom keyboard app, not the stock Google keyboard. Generally on Xperia phones you can turn off auto correct and suggestions this way:
    1. settings
    2. language & input
    3. click the icon right next to xperia keyboard
    4. text input settings
    5. word suggestions
    6. choose “i dont want any help when writing, not even suggestions”.
    *Sorry, I cannot verify if it is the same for all Xperia models including the M2.
    On the other hand, if you don’t like the Xperia keyboard you can download Google Keyboard app in Google Play Store. There are many other advanced customizable keyboard apps available there.

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