Is It Time To Throw Out Your Bath Towels ?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.9.2014. | 10:18

Hand dryers have been around for many years but the body dryer takes this one step further. According to Tyler Overk of the Body Dryer Team, it’s been specifically designed to “replace bacteria filled and environmentally harmful bathroom towels” and can reportedly dry a damp individual in approximately 30 seconds.


The reason to jettison towels isn’t about being lazy, it’s about cleanliness. When a towel is used it picks up dead skin cells and dirt from the user and also from its surrounding environment, this means a typical bath towel harbors many nasty little bacteria, which then get redistributed and rubbed back into the skin when anyone uses that towel.

There is also the environmental reasoning; less towels result in less resources keeping them clean, it’s also reduces waste from the need to manufacture so many towels.

So how does it work? Well the Body Dryer uses super compressed ionized air which is blown out of vents positioned at strategic angles to dry your body. The ionized air causes water molecules to divide into smaller particles that can evaporate faster. The different shaped nozzles, through which the air is emitted, are designed to develop a cylindrical tunnel of air around the user for more effective drying and the user can select between hot or cold air.


The device looks a little bit like a set of weighing scales so this function has also be built in and its suitable for people up to a 325 lb (170 kg). The plan is for these unique body dryers to make their way into gyms and sports centers as well. They are expected to retail from about $250 but early adopters on Indiegogo have been able to secure one from a little over half that price.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.9.2014. | 10:18
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